Projected 2014 All-Rookie team

Derek Carr, Brandin Cooks and Ryan Shazier all could star for their respective teams this season. USA Today Sports, Getty Images

Last year I provided rankings of rookies every couple of weeks during the season. Aside from the fact I can't believe how much time it took me to go through every game with an eye on the rookies specifically, I enjoyed watching the progression of players I spent so much time evaluating during the previous four years. I was asked to kick off this season projecting a possible all-rookie team, by position. So I'll do that, with a couple of things to keep in mind.

• Opportunity can trump talent. I have a bunch of guys here as tops at the position even though I don't consider them better than another player.

• I hit every position here, but I used an extra player or two in spots.

With that said, here you go -- my projected all-rookie team for 2014.


QB Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Teddy Bridgewater is my pick if all things are equal and every rookie gets to start. But I have to give the edge to Carr because he'll have more reps. I do expect Bridgewater to do well when he gets the chance. I also think Blake Bortles could end up here if he gets the ball soon. Carr has a chance to succeed, but he needs the offensive line to play better than it looks on paper because he can struggle with pressure. I also expect to see Johnny Manziel at some point, but won't completely bet against Brian Hoyer.