Ranking all 32 supporting casts

The Cowboys' O-line, running backs and receivers qualify as the best in the NFL. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Everybody loves a good quarterback ranking, and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski recently updated his Big Board of the 32 starting NFL quarterbacks. But how much help does each quarterback have?

That's what we at Pro Football Focus set out to do here. We have graded every snap from every player on each offense and used those grades to put together a ranking of each quarterback's supporting cast, taking into consideration their receiving targets, the running game on which they have been able to lean and the offensive line they have had paving the way in front of them.

We'll mention this within the text, but keep in mind up front these rankings represent what has taken place this season, so teams that have had key injuries to offensive players will be lower than they would have been if completely healthy.

Here is our 1-32 ranking of the best supporting casts in the NFL.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Is there any surprise the Cowboys are suddenly looking like one of the best teams in football now that it isn't all on the shoulders of Tony Romo? The offensive line is blocking extremely well, with a series of first-round draft picks starting to pay dividends. They are paving the way for DeMarco Murray to produce at a historic level on the ground, on pace for 427 carries and 2,087 rushing yards. Add in a weapon like Dez Bryant and the ever-reliable Jason Witten and you have the best supporting cast in the league so far in 2014.