Luck is more Favre than Peyton

Andrew Luck's style of play resembles that of Brett Favre, not that of Peyton Manning. Getty Images

Andrew Luck will always be linked to Peyton Manning, after the former was drafted to replace the latter as the Indianapolis Colts' franchise QB, with Manning moving on to the Denver Broncos. The moves have worked out well for both teams, and it's certainly fitting that the two will be facing off in this week's divisional-round playoffs. It's easy to understand why the Luck-versus-Manning storyline will be one of the most prominent heading into the game.

But outside of Luck's taking over Manning's throne as the Colts' star passer (he's led Indy to three consecutive playoff appearances and was clearly the best of the eight QBs in this weekend's wild-card round), there isn't much similar about the two quarterbacks. In fact, when you look at his style of play, it's clear that Luck is not "the next Peyton Manning." And if we're going to project which legendary quarterback Luck is most likely to become, we'd go with Brett Favre.

Here are a few key reasons.