A 'game manager' Manning can win

An aggressive aerial assault from Peyton Manning will not necessarily result in a Denver victory. Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

If there is one common denominator in Peyton Manning's playoff career, it is that his teams have always leaned on him for a high volume of pass attempts. In his 23 career playoff games, Manning has attempted 30 or more passes on 21 occasions and 40 or more throws in 11 contests.

Given that Manning has thrown more passes (597) this season than all but one of the remaining playoff quarterbacks (Andrew Luck, 616), it would seem that Denver is likely to ask him to once again be the focal point of this club's playoff hopes. That Denver is again hosting a playoff game says they're probably correct to do so.

And while it might look as though that should be the case, a closer look at the elements that make up the Broncos' playoff chances indicate Denver should not adopt that approach. Instead, the Broncos should ask Manning to be more of a -- yes -- game manager, and let the rest of their highly talented club carry the load during the playoffs.

Matchups indicate taking risks is not necessary

That game-management mindset can start in this weekend's AFC divisional matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.