NFL's 10 big offseason questions

Will Peyton Manning be back in 2015? Will Tom Brady be suspended? Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks fans might forever wonder why their team called a second-down pass play from the 1-yard line with the Super Bowl outcome in the balance. The answer is simple, if ultimately unsatisfying.

They were making a decision designed to maximize their options on third and fourth downs if the second-down play failed to reach the end zone. There will be many additional questions for Seattle and the other 31 NFL teams this offseason. My top 10 questions for the offseason include one that could affect Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, and nine others that could shape the 2015 season and beyond. The next games might be more than six months away, but the NFL action never stops.

1. What punishment, if any, awaits Brady and the Patriots in the ball deflation investigation?