Should Dallas sign Dez, Peterson?

Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray are great players who carry with them significant risk. AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

Modeled after Insider's #NBAFrontOffice project, our NFL Front Office Insiders are taking a look at the biggest offseason questions facing the league's most compelling teams. In this debut edition, they take over the Dallas Cowboys, looking at whether the team should re-sign and/or use the franchise tag on offensive stars Dez Bryant and/or DeMarco Murray, how it can improve the defense and whether signing Adrian Peterson would be a good idea.

Mark Dominik serves as our general manager, Herm Edwards as our head coach, Louis Riddick as our director of player personnel, and Mel Kiper weighs in with his expertise on the 2015 NFL draft class.

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Part 1: There's a huge risk in signing Bryant to a long-term deal. But as a coach, you want him.

Louis Riddick (director of pro personnel): When it comes to constructing an NFL roster, my top five positions of importance are quarterback, pass-rusher, cornerback, offensive tackle and wide receiver -- in that order. Prioritizing the positions that way helps take some of the emotion out of things when you're forced to make a decision on paying one guy over another.

That's why I think the top priority here has to be to lock up Bryant. He is an elite talent entering the prime of his career at a top-five position. You can't guard him one-on-one, with his size, athleticism and speed. He's the best jump-ball receiver in the red zone in the league. If it's up to me, I'm starting with him and then moving immediately to the defensive side of the football. It's trickier to know what to do with DeMarco Murray, but we can wait on him. Bryant is the one I'd try to sign to a long-term deal. He's a huge component to what we do on offense.