Double punt?! Seattle Seahawks' Michael Dickson pulls it off against Los Angeles Rams

SEATTLE -- Who said punters aren't athletes?

Michael Dickson made one of the smoothest plays you'll see from a specialist when he scooped up a blocked punt and re-punted the ball, saving the Seattle Seahawks from being backed up near their own end zone.

Dickson's punt was blocked by Jamir Jones. With the ball spinning upright on the turf, Dickson scooped it up with one hand, in stride, and punted it for a second time -- 68 yards to the Rams' 11.

And, although the TV announcers were confused about the rule at first, the play turned out to be legal.

From the NFL rule book:

"A second kick from behind the line of scrimmage is legal provided the ball has not crossed the line."

And the ball didn't cross the line off the block.