Jaguars running back James Robinson scores on 50-yard touchdown run

James Robinson helped the Jaguars' upset bid with a 50-yard touchdown run against the Chargers. Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- Jaguars coach Doug Pederson likes being aggressive and going for it on fourth down. It paid off big time in the third quarter against the Chargers with the longest touchdown run of James Robinson's career.

The Jaguars faced a fourth-and-1 from midfield, and Pederson called a run to the left side, where tight ends Chris Manhertz, Evan Engram and Luke Farrell were lined up tight to the line of scrimmage. Right guard Brandon Scherff pulled left as well and got a kick-out block on Chargers cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. at the line of scrimmage.

With the tight ends sealing everything inside, it was an easy hole for Robinson, who went untouched into the end zone to give the Jaguars a 23-10 lead -- an important score because the Chargers had just kicked a field goal to make it a one-score game.