Philadelphia Eagles holiday album on the way for Christmas

PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata says fellow offensive lineman Lane Johnson sings like Elvis Presley.

Johnson says Mailata is "full of s---." He instead likens himself and center Jason Kelce to "Step Brothers" characters Dale and Brennan, best known for their on-screen work at the Catalina Wine Mixer.

But they all agree that they, along with a host of A-list local musicians, have created something pretty cool in "A Philly Special Christmas," a seven-song album being released this month, with proceeds benefiting the Children's Crisis Treatment Center.

"We had this idea last year around Christmas time. I thought it would be fun," Kelce said. "I thought we could do it. I did not think it was going to get to this level of quality and this musical level."

The album is produced by drummer Charlie Hall of Philadelphia-based rock band The War On Drugs and executive produced by former Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin, who has grown tight with the Philadelphia music community in part through his Make The World Better benefit concerts. Hall, Zach Miller of Dr. Dog and Rob Hyman of The Hooters are among the myriad musicians appearing on the album.

Other Eagles making an appearance include quarterback Jalen Hurts, receiver A.J. Brown, defensive end Brandon Graham and linebacker Haason Reddick. Legendary play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese voices a rendition of "The Night Before Christmas."

A clip on social media shows Hurts giving "Jingle Bells" some soul treatment.

Kelce and Johnson have belted out duets in the past. They've just typically been without an audience.

"Lane and I, a lot of times after games, will goof around and sit in his car, wait for traffic to die down and listen to old, sad country songs usually," Kelce said.

He might not be the "King of Rock and Roll," but Johnson delivers the vibe on "Blue Christmas" -- one of the two singles that have been released so far.

Mailata is the scene-stealer on the other single, "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)." The former Australian rugby player was featured on Fox TV's "The Masked Singer" in March and was known as a musical whiz to his teammates well before that.

"What Jordan did, you could call singing, and what Lane did you could call singing. I don't know if you could call what I did singing," Kelce said. "I'm very much just like a yeller in certain tones. There are some songs on there that I think are going to shock people, especially people who haven't heard Jordan Mailata sing. There's at least one that sounds like a legitimate pop hit. Like I think it could be huge."

At the time the idea was hatched last winter, the Eagles were participating in the toy drive for the CCTC, a nonprofit agency that specializes in delivering behavioral health services to Philadelphia's children and their families. Kelce thought it would be cool to drink beers and sing Christmas songs with teammates and some gifted musicians all while helping a good cause. From there, the "Philly Special Christmas" was born.

"Why we wanted to do it in the first place is to just reminisce and bring everyone closer," Mailata said. "This project brought Lane, Kelce and I closer together. We hope when we do release it, everyone can get the same feeling. Hopefully, it brings the family closer."