NFL draft No. 1 overall pick trade history: 13 deals since 1967

The Chicago Bears owned the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft, thanks to a 3-14 record and the Houston Texans winning in Week 18 of the 2022 season.

The Bears parlayed that pick into wide receiver DJ Moore and three additional picks in the next three drafts, as the Carolina Panthers traded Moore, their first-round pick (No. 9) and second-round pick (No. 61) this year, their first-round pick in 2024 and second-round pick in 2025 to Chicago to move up to No. 1. The Panthers can presumably pick their quarterback of the future and the Bears can get more talent to surround quarterback Justin Fields, who had a much-improved sophomore season.

So how rare is it for the No. 1 pick to be traded before the NFL draft? Prior to Friday, it had happened 12 times since the NFL/AFL merger in 1967, including one pick that was dealt twice (1984). Those subsequent selections include notable players such as Michael Vick, Earl Campbell and Jeff George.

It had last happened in 2016, when the Tennessee Titans traded the first pick to the Los Angeles Rams two weeks before the draft, with the Rams moving up all the way from No. 15 and surrendering several valuable picks. Those Tennessee choices turned into running back Derrick Henry and tight end Jonnu Smith, among others, while the Rams drafted quarterback Jared Goff at the top of the board.

Here's a closer look at all 13 trades for the No. 1 pick since 1967, excluding deals that happened after the draft had already started, such as the Eli Manning/Philip Rivers trade in 2004, Bo Jackson in 1986 and John Elway in 1983.


Chicago Bears to Carolina Panthers

Player picked at No. 1: TBD

Bears received: WR DJ Moore, 2023 first-round pick (No. 9), 2023 second-round pick (No. 61), 2024 first-round pick and 2025 second-round pick.

Panthers received: 2023 first-round pick (No. 1)


Tennessee Titans to Los Angeles Rams

Player picked at No. 1: QB Jared Goff

Titans received: 2016 first-round pick (No. 15; subsequently traded, WR Corey Coleman), 2016 second-round pick (No. 43, DT Austin Johnson), 2016 second-round pick (No. 45, RB Derrick Henry), 2016 third-round pick (No. 76; subsequently traded, OT Shon Coleman), 2017 first-round pick (No. 5, WR Corey Davis) and 2017 third-round pick (No. 100, TE Jonnu Smith)

Rams received: 2016 No. 1 pick (Goff), 2016 fourth-round pick (No. 113; subsequently traded, LB Nick Kwiatkoski) and 2016 sixth-round pick (No. 177, TE Temarrick Hemingway)


San Diego Chargers to Atlanta Falcons

Player picked at No. 1: QB Michael Vick

Chargers received: WR Tim Dwight, 2001 first-round pick (No. 5, RB LaDainian Tomlinson), 2021 third-round pick (No. 67, DB Tay Cody) and a 2002 second-round pick (No. 48, WR Reche Caldwell).

Falcons received: 2001 No. 1 pick (Vick)


New York Jets to St. Louis Rams

Player picked at No. 1: OT Orlando Pace

Jets received: 1997 first-round pick (No. 6; subsequently traded, OT Walter Jones), 1997 third-round pick (No. 67; subsequently traded, OL Dan Neil), 1997 fourth-round pick (No. 102, DE Terry Day) and 1997 seventh-round pick (No. 207; subsequently traded, QB Koy Detmer)

Rams received: 1997 No. 1 overall pick (Pace)


Carolina Panthers to Cincinnati Bengals

Player picked at No. 1: RB Ki-Jana Carter

Panthers received: 1995 first-round pick (No. 5, QB Kerry Collins) and 1995 second-round pick (No. 36, DE Shawn King)

Bengals received: 1995 No. 1 pick (Carter)


New England Patriots to Dallas Cowboys

Player picked at No. 1: DT Russell Maryland

Patriots received: 1991 first-round pick (No. 11, T Pat Harlow), 1991 second-round pick (No. 41, DB Jerome Henderson) and three players (CB Ron Francis, LB David Howard, LB Eugene Lockhart Jr.)

Dallas received: 1991 No. 1 pick (Maryland)


Atlanta Falcons to Indianapolis Colts

Player picked at No. 1: QB Jeff George

Falcons received: OT Chris Hinton, WR Andre Rison, 1990 fifth-round pick (No. 121, TE Reggie Redding) and 1991 first round pick (No. 13, WR Mike Pritchard)

Colts received: 1990 No. 1 pick (George) and a fourth-round pick (No. 83, WR Stacey Simmons)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Cincinnati Bengals to New England Patriots

Player picked at No. 1: WR Irving Fryar

June 1983 trade: Bengals received 1984 No. 1 pick, Buccaneers received QB Jack Thompson

April 1984 trade: Patriots received 1984 No. 1 pick (Fryar); Bengals received 1984 first-round pick (No. 16, DE Pete Koch), 1984 first-round pick (No. 28; OL Brian Blados), a 10th-round pick (No. 265, RB Brent Ziegler) and a 1985 fifth-round pick (No. 129, DB Lee Davis)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Houston Oilers

Player picked at No. 1: RB Earl Campbell

Tampa Bay received: TE Jimmie Giles, 1978 first-round pick (No. 17, QB Doug Williams), 1978 second-round pick (No. 44, G Brett Moritz), 1979 third-round pick (No. 78, DE Reggie Lewis) and 1979 fifth-round pick (No. 133, QB Chuck Fusina)

Oilers received: 1978 No. 1 pick (Campbell)


Baltimore Colts to Atlanta Falcons

Player picked at No. 1: QB Steve Bartkowski

Colts received: 1975 first-round pick (No. 3, G Ken Huff) and OL George Kunz

Falcons received: 1975 No. 1 pick (Bartkowski)


Houston Oilers to Dallas Cowboys

Player picked at No. 1: DE Ed Jones

Oilers received: DE Tody Smith and WR Billy Parks

Cowboys received: 1974 No. 1 pick (Jones) and 1974 third-round pick (No. 53, QB Danny White)


New York Giants to Minnesota Vikings

Player picked at No. 1: T Ron Yary

Giants received: QB Fran Tarkenton

Vikings received: 1968 No. 1 pick (Yary), 1967 first-round pick (No. 2, RB Clint Jones), 1967 second-round pick (No. 28., WR Bob Grim) and 1969 second-round pick (No. 39, OL Ed White)


New Orleans Saints to Baltimore Colts

Player picked at No. 1: DT Bubba Smith

Saints received: QB Gary Cuozzo