Most underrated playcallers

Greg Olson's play calling has given the Bucs a big boost. Kim Klement/US Presswire

Play calling in the NFL is one of those things that usually gets noticed on a per-call basis. You'll hear "That was a great call!" -- but then it's quickly on to the next play. From the standpoint of the guy calling the plays, it can feel like being a chess player. Sure, the checkmate was nice, but what about the sequence of moves, the pattern in the formations, the clever setup?

So although you know some of the play-calling legends, I wanted to point out some guys who are quietly doing exceptional work. What are the objectives of a good playcaller? Here are the areas the best playcallers succeed in:

1. Get your quarterback going early: This doesn't mean you come out gunning; it means build a sequence that recognizes the pulse of your quarterback and what he can do best.

2. Be aggressive without being reckless: This means that, when you throw it deep, don't leave your offensive tackle exposed on an island. It means don't target a double move without a two-move guy. Be aggressive, but limit exposure.