2012 NFL Playoffs Predictor

One thing you can definitely say about the NFL is that it's never boring. Each Sunday brings in a new darling, a new goat and a new trendy team to replace the past week's edition. Consider the odds before the Ravens-Jags "Monday Night Football" tilt, or how Tennessee and the ageless Matt Hasselbeck were a hot commodity headed into a home game against the beat-up Texans. The NFL needs just one game to chart a whole new playoff course.

Despite all of the seismic change, we're going to do the impossible with help from our nerdy friends at numberFire -- we'll tell you whether or not your favorite team is going to make the playoffs. Call it NFL Playoffs Predictor, and if you're a Jets fan, this week you can add on some four-letter words, as well.

Starting today, every week we'll apply proprietary efficiency statistics to project the rest of the season in order to give you a highly accurate playoffs projection. We won't get out the spreadsheets, but suffice to say the algorithms factor in everything from weather to injuries to overall trends. Of course, all of this is still highly volatile, due to the fact we're not halfway through the season, but the model can get us close. So check back each week as the numbers continue to paint a clearer bracket portrait.