The truth about Mark Sanchez

He may not be Broadway Joe, but it's still too early to label Mark Sanchez's career. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Can the New York Jets win with Mark Sanchez as their quarterback? That's a question a lot of Jets fans are asking with the team off to a mildly disappointing 5-4 start. Sanchez is getting a lot of the blame. Giving him a larger role in the offensive game plan didn't seem to work early in the season. With the NFL such a passing-driven league right now, with teams generally needing star quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady to win the Super Bowl, Jets fans are wondering if Sanchez is really a guy they can win with.

Try to picture Sanchez in your mind. Perhaps you are picturing his playoff heroics from the past two postseasons. More likely, a lot of fans are picturing Sanchez throwing the ball to a guy from the other team, maybe the end zone pick he threw against the Buffalo Bills a couple of weeks ago. With that vision in your mind, you probably think that Sanchez must be near the bottom of the league in nearly every statistical category.

But that's not the case.