Top 50 NFL free agents of 2013

Joe Flacco, Henry Melton and Greg Jennings are among the top NFL free agents in 2013. USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL season over, teams turn their attention to the impending crop of free agents. How do they replace guys they can't afford to keep and how can they upgrade their talent level? These are just two of the questions they'll be asking themselves as they prepare to write some pretty big checks.

Once again, we're here to help them out by publishing our list of the top 50 free agents. We can't guarantee who will be using the franchise tag, which restricted free agents will be tagged, or even which players will retire, so there's only one criterion for eligibility: your contract is about to expire.

Note: More detailed explanations of the advanced statistics used below can be found here.

Here are the top 50 NFL free agents for 2013:

1. Joe Flacco, QB
2012 team: Baltimore Ravens


The chances of Flacco hitting the open market are between slim and none, but as the marquee quarterback he's easily the top guy out there. He's a threat to hurt teams deep, with 35 completions that went 20 yards or more in the air (only Drew Brees had more), and his 11-0 touchdown-interception ratio in the playoffs is the envy of every QB in the league.