Top trade fits for Nick Foles

With Michael Vick signed, are the Philadelphia Eagles ready to trade Nick Foles? AP Photo/Mel Evans

The NFL personnel business revolves around problem solving, and no problem is harder to solve than finding a quality starting quarterback.

Over the past couple of offseasons, that problem has been easier to address because of the quarterback depth in the NFL draft. But that avenue won't be as readily available this year because of the lack of elite passers (ESPN Insider Todd McShay has gone so far as to say there aren't any first-round-caliber quarterback prospects).

The free-agency market might normally be an alternate route, but as noted by Bill Polian, Joe Flacco is the only Tier-A free-agent quarterback, and his ballclub will almost certainly not let him hit the open market.

One team that could benefit from this relatively low supply of readily available starting-caliber QBs is the Philadelphia Eagles. They recently signed Michael Vick to a one-year deal for the 2013 season and that move gives them the potential to trade backup quarterback Nick Foles if they receive a high enough price in return.

Which brings us to two questions: How much is Foles worth, and which teams should be willing to consider paying that price?

Let's start with Foles' value. At first glance, it might not seem to be very high since he ended the season ranked 28th in the Total QBR metric and won only one of his six starts.