Top 50 NFL free agents of 2013

Greg Jennings, Wes Welker and Tony Gonzalez are three of the top free agents in 2013. Getty Images

With the franchise tag deadline passed, teams now turn their attention to the impending crop of free agents. How do they replace guys they can't afford to keep and how can they upgrade their talent level? These are just two of the questions they'll be asking themselves as they prepare to write some pretty big checks.

Once again, we're here to help them out by publishing our list of the top 50 free agents. After top potential free agents like Joe Flacco, Henry Melton and Dwayne Bowe signed new deals, here's our updated list of the top 50 free agents.

Note: More detailed explanations of the advanced statistics used below can be found here.

1. Greg Jennings, WR
2012 team: Green Bay Packers


Last season was a quiet one for Jennings as he battled injury, but you need only go back to 2011 to see a player who can operate all over the field. That's what defines Jennings as a player. You can put him in the slot and he'll be successful (he had the 11th-ranked yards per route run, 1.88, in the slot in 2011), and you can send him deep and watch him have success (his 309 yards on deep passes ranked 17th in the league). He's a true No. 1 wideout.