AFC's 10 most versatile players

J.J. Watt gives the Texans defense plenty of flexibility. George Bridges/Getty Images

NFC's most versatile players | AFC

In today's creative NFL, coaches are always looking for players with versatility in terms of skill sets. That gives teams flexibility in their schemes, and it is also an advantage with roster limitations if a player can fill more than one role. Let's look at 10 players in the AFC who fit this category -- not all of these guys are household names.

1. J.J. Watt, DE, Houston Texans
He is the most dominating defensive player in the NFL. His combination of skills and relentless effort make him almost impossible to stop. He lines up at defensive end in Houston's base 3-4 scheme, but when the Texans move to their 4-3 front in passing situations, he slides down inside. He is so tough to block one-on-one that his coaches move him all over the line to get favorable matchups. Even though he rarely does it, don't be surprised if Watt lines up at outside linebacker to rush off the edge. He could even drop into coverage occasionally in a zone blitz situation.