Cleveland makes the right move

Trent Richardson is now a member of the Indianapolis Colts. Ron Schwane/USA TODAY Sports

Through two games in 2013, the Cleveland Browns have scored a total of 16 points. And as Browns general manager Michael Lombardi was watching the team on Sunday -- when the Browns scored six points against a Baltimore defense that had been thrashed the week before -- in a game in which Trent Richardson was stuffed short over and over because the Ravens had little respect for the Browns' passing game, he might have been thinking, "If only I could redo the 2012 draft."

After all, when the Browns drafted Trent Richardson at No. 3 overall, and Brandon Weeden at No. 22, Lombardi wasn't in charge.

Well, now he is. And after trading Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2014 first-round pick, he does get to redo the draft, with two first-round picks of his own this May.

It's a great move for the Browns, who just got a ton of value for a player they couldn't maximize anyway. And now they'll have two Round 1 selections in a draft that should be loaded with QB talent, which is the No. 1 need in Cleveland.

A few thoughts on why I like the trade: