Position: Offensive Tackle
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Drafted Offensive Tackle
 Jammal BrownOTOklahoma113(13)New Orleans
 Alex BarronOTFlorida State119(19)Los Angeles
 Michael RoosOTEastern Washington29(41)Tennessee
 Khalif BarnesOTWashington220(52)Jacksonville
 Adam TerryOTSyracuse232(64)Baltimore
 Chris ColmerOTNC State327(91)Tampa Bay
 Trai EssexOTNorthwestern329(93)Pittsburgh
 Adam SnyderOTOregon330(94)San Francisco
 Nick KaczurOTToledo336(100)New England
 Ray WillisOTFlorida State44(105)Seattle
 David StewartOTMississippi State412(113)Tennessee
 Todd HerremansOTSaginaw Valley State425(126)Philadelphia
 Daniel LoperOTTexas Tech514(150)Tennessee
 Adam KieftOTCentral Michigan517(153)Cincinnati
 Anthony AlabiOTTCU526(162)Miami
 Frank OmiyaleOTTennessee Tech527(163)Atlanta
 Wesley BrittOTAlabama528(164)Los Angeles
 Geoff HangartnerOTTexas A&M533(169)Carolina
 Will SvitekOTStanford613(187)Kansas City
 Chris MyersOTMiami626(200)Denver
 Joe BergerOTMichigan Tech633(207)Carolina
 Rob PetittiOTPittsburgh635(209)Dallas
 Calvin ArmstrongOTWashington State637(211)Philadelphia
 Pete McMahonOTIowa640(214)Las Vegas
 Jon DunnOTVirginia Tech73(217)Cleveland
 Jeremy ParquetOTSouthern Miss724(238)Kansas City
Offensive Tackle
 Anthony AlabiOT6'5"310TCUInsider Only
 Calvin ArmstrongOT6'7"325Washington StateInsider Only
 Khalif BarnesOT6'5"305WashingtonInsider Only
 Alex BarronOT6'7"320Florida StateInsider Only
 Joe BergerOT6'5"303Michigan TechInsider Only
 Jeff BerkOT6'4"288West VirginiaInsider Only
 Joshua BourkeOT6'6"300Grand Valley State UniversityInsider Only
 Wesley BrittOT6'8" 314AlabamaInsider Only
 Jammal BrownOT6'5"316OklahomaInsider Only
 Lester BrownOT6'4"309Louisiana TechInsider Only
 Steve BurchOT6'4"294Idaho StateInsider Only
 Chris ColmerOT6'5"310NC StateInsider Only
 Jon ColonOT6'7"317FloridaInsider Only
 Harvey DahlOT6'6"299NevadaInsider Only
 Morgan DavisOT6'6"320WisconsinInsider Only
 Michael DelagrangeOT6'5"353OregonInsider Only
 Darren DeloneOT6'4"315NebraskaInsider Only
 Jon DotyOT6'7"307Kansas StateInsider Only
 Jon DunnOT6'7"328Virginia TechInsider Only
 Mike ErokwuOT6'5"366Midwestern StateInsider Only
 Trai EssexOT6'5" 324NorthwesternInsider Only
 D'Brickashaw FergusonOT271VirginiaInsider Only
 Terence GibsonOT6'5" 310Norfolk StateInsider Only
 Nate GriffinOT6'5"347MarshallInsider Only
 Geoff HangartnerOT6'5" 301Texas A&MInsider Only
 Phil HawkinsOT6'4"324HoustonInsider Only
 Todd HerremansOT6'6"303Saginaw Valley StateInsider Only
 L V HillOT6'4"288Southwest BaptistInsider Only
 Eric HofmannOT6'6"317MillikinInsider Only
 Chris JohnsonOT6'2" 310ArizonaInsider Only
 Nick KaczurOT6'4"319ToledoInsider Only
 Tom KaleitaOT6'5"309Eastern MichiganInsider Only
 Adam KieftOT6'7"337Central MichiganInsider Only
 Robin KnebelOT6'5"321OregonInsider Only
 Mike KracalikOT6'7"337San Diego StateInsider Only
 Cory LekkerkerkerOT6'5"315UC DavisInsider Only
 Sam LightbodyOT6'9" 321Washington StateInsider Only
 Daniel LoperOT6'6" 306Texas TechInsider Only
 Robert LouisOT6'1"286Alabama A&MInsider Only
 Christopher LouvierOT6'4"288Sam HoustonInsider Only
 Ken MckoyOT6'5"385nullInsider Only
 Pete McMahonOT6'7"329IowaInsider Only
 Rian MelanderOT6'6"287MinnesotaInsider Only
 Christian MitchellOT6'6"322DukeInsider Only
 Michael MunozOT6'5"306TennesseeInsider Only
 Chris MyersOT6'4"300MiamiInsider Only
 Levi NewtonOT6'2" 295South FloridaInsider Only
 William ObengOT6'5"315San Josť StateInsider Only
 Frank OmiyaleOT6'4"310Tennessee TechInsider Only
 Scott PaffrathOT6'5" 287MissouriInsider Only
 Jeremy ParquetOT6'6"323Southern MissInsider Only
 Erik PearsOT6'7"312Colorado StateInsider Only
 Rob PetittiOT6'5"347PittsburghInsider Only
 Brandon PhillipsOT6'7" 310ArizonaInsider Only
 Sean PooleOT6'6" 284Michigan StateInsider Only
 Michael RoosOT6'6"320Eastern WashingtonInsider Only
 Derrick SarosiOT6'5" 300South FloridaInsider Only
 Jon ScottOT309TexasInsider Only
 Robert SimpsonOT6'3"307Eastern KentuckyInsider Only
 Miniya SmithOT6'5" 341SouthernInsider Only
 Adam SnyderOT6'5"316OregonInsider Only
 David StewartOT6'6"314Mississippi StateInsider Only
 Clint StockdornOT6'5"321CincinnatiInsider Only
 Will SvitekOT6'6"286StanfordInsider Only
 Henry TellisOT6'5"303TroyInsider Only
 Adam TerryOT6'8" 330SyracuseInsider Only
 Kyle WallaceOT6'5"291Georgia TechInsider Only
 Tavarus WashingtonOT330FloridaInsider Only
 Michael WatsonOT6'4"316West VirginiaInsider Only
 Sam WilderOT6'4"298ColoradoInsider Only
 Ray WillisOT6'5"327Florida StateInsider Only
 Pat WorshamOT6'5"311Bethune-CookmanInsider Only

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