Puck Prospectus: The 2010 All-Stars

Alex Ovechkin made Puck Prospectus's East roster. Evgeni Malkin? Not so much. Andre Ringuette/Getty Images

This season, the Olympics will preempt the NHL All-Star game, but that's no reason to forgo celebrating the top talent the NHL has to offer.

Normally, all-star selections are chosen by fans, GMs and the NHL's Hockey Operation Department based on reputation. But for a change, we'll determine what the teams would look like in the same manner we determine our weekly player rankings -- using GVT. The GVT metric summarizes all of a player's offensive and defensive contributions in the season using a single measurement. It, in effect, measures how effectively a player is contributing to his team.

To best simulate the selection process, we used the GVT scores from Jan 17., about the time the rosters are usually announced. We may not wind up with the rosters that offer the most fan entertainment, but we will wind up with the two most effective collections of hockey talent this season. Of course, this will leave more than a few stars snubbed, including some that will skate for the Canadian Olympic team.