Teams with expansion protection list room to spare

Torey Krug, left, and Zdeno Chara are the only Bruins defensemen who will definitely be protected from the expansion draft. That means GM Don Sweeney might be making some moves before submitting his final list. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

There's an expansion draft coming up, and NHL teams have until June 17 to prepare their protection lists. Some teams have some tough decisions to make, which we reviewed last week, but others have a space or two to spare. That could make for some interesting trades during the next week or so.

This week, we'll be looking at the 10 teams that have room on their protection lists to acquire a player before the expansion draft, at a potential discount. In each case, we'll review who the team is likely to protect, what it has room for, who it might target and what it has to offer. Let's begin in nets.