Francois Beauchemin atop list of worst signings this offseason

Jonathan Kozub/NHLI/Getty Images

By and large, the perception within hockey's analytics community is that NHL front offices got things right this free-agent season. Using a variety of statistical methods, the numbers-crunchers I polled could only find serious concerns with about a handful of deals, and they could identify only two teams that might have made multiple errors: Calgary and Colorado.

To arrive at these results, a diverse megapanel of 34 prominent hockey statisticians was convened and asked to either approve, disapprove or express neutrality on this summer's 44 free-agent signings that involved an annual cap hit of at least $2 million, made on or after July 1. Each of these analysts used standards and approaches of their own choosing, but set aside unmeasurable factors such as heart, grit, leadership and clutch play.