Nine useful free agents that should be signed right now

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The 2015-16 season is set to begin, but without some familiar names under contract. While a focus on younger players is never a bad idea, there are several available veterans who can still be of low-cost assistance for secondary scoring or defensive depth, like Jan Hejda, Sean Bergenheim, or Curtis Glencross. Who are the most useful of these veterans, and where might they belong?

To avoid missing anyone, I compiled a list of virtually every available player in their 30s who could likely be signed in the $1 million neighborhood, before using a variety of metrics to whittle down the list to those who are in the best position to make a contribution. In so doing, I noticed that they could be basically grouped into three categories: secondary scorers, physical and defensive-minded forward depth, and third-pairing defensemen.

For each of these three categories, I'll list the players who have the most to offer, along with their ideal destination.