What's wrong with Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby has struggled to start the 2015-16 season, with just five points through 11 games. John Russell/NHLL/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Penguins' summer acquisition of Phil Kessel was widely predicted to trigger a resurgence in Sidney Crosby's scoring totals and boost Pittsburgh's captain to his sixth 100-point season and his second scoring title in three seasons. Instead, Crosby is off to his slowest start ever, scoring five points through the first 11 games, and has already been split from Kessel.

Everybody has an opinion on what's wrong with Crosby and what it's going to take to rekindle his scoring, but it might be too early to hit the panic button. A look at his underlying numbers reveals he has gone through slumps like this before but never starting at Game 1, when the attention is magnified. Each time Crosby's scoring recovered, and without a clear explanation behind this year's slump, it should do so again.