Did the Oilers improve this offseason?

The Oilers changed the makeup of their team by signing Milan Lucic and trading for Adam Larsson. But are they any closer to getting into the playoffs? Icon Sportswire

For the sixth time in seven seasons, the Edmonton Oilers finished in one of the bottom three positions in the standings, and stretched their absence from the Stanley Cup playoffs to 10 seasons -- the longest active slump in the NHL.

With a healthy Connor McDavid, another great draft, a blockbuster trade, and a big signing topping their free agent haul this offseason, do the Oilers finally have what they need to take a stride forward?

A closer look at the numbers reveals that this summer was more of a re-structuring to find the right mix, as opposed to an upgrade in the team's available talent. If it's successful, then a healthy lineup and the natural development of the team's younger players might be enough for the Oilers to finally get into the Western Conference wild-card race -- with a lot of luck.