The best NHL player at every age: 30 and up

Though he'd be hard-pressed to finish among the Penguins' top three all-time scorers, Evgeni Malkin is clearly one of the NHL's top players age 30 and up. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In two recent articles we have identified the league's top players for ages 18 through 23, and 24 through 29, and in this final piece, we will examine those players in their 30s.

Since players of very different types, styles, and positions are being compared, the challenge is to find metrics that can dispassionately and objectively measure each individual's contributions, much as we did in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Every age group has its own set of difficulties in identifying the best player, and today we're examining our sport's most accomplished athletes to figure out which ones are still at the top of their games, and likely to remain so.

Even with all these numbers floating around, there is still a fair deal of interpretation to pack into our analysis, so ultimately these choices can be considered my own personal opinions and wide open to other perspectives.

Here we go!