Olympic silver medal snowboarder beats cancer

Five-time X Games champion and 2018 Winter Olympics silver medalist Max Parrot, 25, announced on Instagram that he had beaten Hodgkin lymphoma. Daniel Karmann/picture alliance via Getty Images

Olympic snowboarding slopestyle silver medallist Max Parrot has said that he has beaten cancer, and the Canadian intends to return to competition at an X Games event in Norway in August.

Parrot, 25, is a five-time X Games champion and won silver at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

He revealed in January that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, but said in an Instagram post on Tuesday: "After battling myself to the best I could during these past seven months, I can finally say that I have won against cancer.

"So hyped to compete at X Games Norway in a month. It has felt so weird not to compete last season. Stoked to get back at it. Can't wait."

Information from Lymphoma Canada emphasises the rarity of Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of cancer that accounts for around 0.5 percent of all cancers. Each year in Canada, approximately 900 people are diagnosed with the disease.