Curling world championships resume after one-day pause from positive COVID-19 test

The curling world championship playoffs resumed Sunday with players wearing masks after taking a day off due to a positive COVID-19 test inside the Calgary bubble.

The World Curling Federation first announced three positive, asymptomatic results during exit testing Friday from teams that had not advanced to the playoffs. Saturday's matches were postponed for further testing, and one player on a playoff team tested positive and was initially ruled out of the competition.

But the federation said it consulted with Canadian health officials and decided to allow the player to compete. In a statement issued Sunday before play resumed with a tripleheader, the WCF said the player tested positive Friday but had a follow-up test that was negative Saturday.

The player was not identified.

"The player ... had previously received a full vaccination -- two doses -- in his home country prior to the beginning of the championship," the WCF said in a statement. "The facts surrounding this specific individual were argued to be strong enough for a re-evaluation of the earlier decision, after it was determined that it would put his teammates and opponents at a very minimal risk by participating in Sunday's playoff games."

In Sunday's matches, Switzerland defeated the United States 7-6 in a qualification game to advance to the semifinals against Sweden. Scotland will play the team from Russia in the other semifinal.

The Americans and Canadians also earned a berth in the 2022 Olympics by reaching the final six.