Man accused of stalking Olympian Emily Infeld sentenced

A man charged with stalking Olympic runner Emily Infeld was sentenced to three years of supervised release earlier this month.

Craig Donnelly, who was arrested in June 2021, pleaded guilty to violating an interstate protection order. He was also sentenced to time served, as he remained in custody from the date of his arrest.

In November 2021, a federal judge determined Donnelly was not competent to stand trial and ordered that he be hospitalized to receive mental health treatment.

Two counts of cyberstalking and stalking were dismissed.

Donnelly's supervision requires him to receive mental health treatment, take all prescribed mental health medications and submit to limited internet use and computer monitoring. He is not allowed to communicate with Infeld or her immediate family members, either directly or through another person.

"I honestly feel a lot better now that I am living in a different state and that he doesn't have my new address," Infeld told ESPN. "I really hope that the supervision along with his medication ensure no one else is harmed or threatened by him."

Donnelly's attorney did not respond immediately to an email seeking comment.

Donnelly suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2016, after which friends and acquaintances say his behavior changed. Infeld first reported him to law enforcement in summer 2018 and for the next three years said she endured on-and-off online harassment from Donnelly, who continued to pursue her after she obtained a protective order against him.

Though the two had never met, Donnelly moved in summer 2020 to an apartment about two miles from Infeld's home near Portland, Oregon, and he threatened to kill her in a LinkedIn post.