15Stuart Hogg, FB
14Dougie Fife, W
13Mark Bennett, C
12Matt Scott, C
11Tommy Seymour, W
10Finn Russell, FH
9Greig Laidlaw, SH
1Ryan Grant, P
2Ross Ford, H
3Euan Murray, P
4Jim Hamilton, L
5Jonny Gray, L
6Adam Ashe, FL
7Blair Cowan, FL
8David Denton, N8
16Fraser Brown, H
17Alasdair Dickinson, P
18Geoff Cross, P
19Tim Swinson, L
20Rob Harley, FL
21Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, SH
22Greig Tonks, C
23Tim Visser, W

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: BT Murrayfield
10:30 AM, March 21, 2015
Capacity: 67,800
Attendance: 67,144

Match Commentary

82'Tristan Barclay: Ireland have put themselves in pole position at Murrayfield this afternoon, but there is no celebration from their players as they calmly shake hands with their Scottish opponents. Looking over to the coaches' box, however, it's a different story. Smiles and pats on the back all round in there, with Joe Schmidt trying to keep a small grin off his face. Scotland look dejected. They've been whitewashed and capitulated in the second half when they really could have made life difficult to Ireland in an open game. Stuart Hogg and Blair Cowan, two bright sparks in the Scottish XV, are keeping their chins up but you can see the disappointment in their faces.
81'And he's missed it! As time expires, the score remains 40-10, equalling Ireland's biggest ever win at Murrayfield, and on the famous ground's 90th birthday too. It means Wales cannot win the Six Nations title, but England still can - but only IF they manage to beat France by a whopping 27 points.

Stay with ESPNscrum for full coverage of that match from Twickenham, where Tom Hamilton is our man in situ.
81'10-40 End of half
81'10-40 End of half
81'10-40 End of second half
80'Another penalty for Ireland. Will they take three this time? Yes they will. Ian Madigan will kick for goal. And this would move England's target to 30. And that, surely, would be beyond them. Wouldn't it? Given what's gone before today, let's not write anything off!
80'Player substituted - Conor Murray , Ireland
80'Substitute on - Eoin Reddan , Ireland
79'Into the last two minutes. Ireland have a penalty on halfway. Kick for goal or touch? They kick for touch. "Ireland, Ireland, Ireland" roars Murrayfield. We'll assume no Scots are joining in.
77'Sean O'Brien named man of the match. For those with fantasy leagues, two tries and a man of the match for a No.7 could be a winner...
76'And would you believe it! Stuart Hogg scores a try, it's a superb try from a Scottish point of view. Except, it goes to the TMO. A would you believe it, Hogg has dropped the ball over the line! It's a knock on! What a tackle from No.8 Jamie Heaslip. That could be a championship winning tackle! Heck of a hit, heck of a moment to do it.

Tristan Barclay: You have to feel for Stuart Hogg there. He really deserved to see that one put down safely, given his individual performance today. Fantastic tackle by Jamie Heaslip, though, who has been immense all afternoon, even though O'Brien will likely steal the headlines.
75'Ian Madigan traps the ball brilliantly from a Scotland clearance and Ireland are on the front foot again. "Stay on your feet!" urges the referee, having pinged Ireland for a penalty. Finn Russell boots for touch. Now, if it were Scotland who were to score a try at this stage...
73'Ireland lead by 30. They needed 21. Now England need to win by 27 against France, assuming Ireland don't add any more before the end of this match. And that's no sure thing at all.
73'Player substituted - Sean O'Brien , Ireland
73'Substitute on - Jordi Murphy , Ireland
73'10-40 Conversion - Ian Madigan , Ireland
72'Ireland have the lineout. They win it, they push forward towards the Scotland line. Ball flicked out to O'Connell. Now Heaslip. Now O'Brien and he's over again! His second try of the game, and that gives Ireland breathing space over Wales and sends English hearts deeper. Is that it? Is that the championship?
72'10-38 Try - Sean O'Brien , Ireland
71'Good jinking run from deep by Hogg but once he loses it at halfway, Ireland spot an opportunity and a great kick ahead by Sexton is chased frantically by the Scottish defence. Greig Tonks, I think, managed to cover up and get into touch.
71'Substitute on - Tim Visser , Scotland
71'Player substituted - Mark Bennett , Scotland
71'Substitute on - Ian Madigan , Ireland
71'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
70'Scotland, for some reason, start flirting with the devil and go long at the lineout - missing everybody only for Rob Harley to grab it and start making ground. A lot of hearts in mouths around a number of countries there!
70'Substitute on - Greig Tonks , Scotland
70'Player substituted - Matt Scott , Scotland
69'Great chip kick by Murray over Seymour towards the Scotland five-metre line. Absolutely perfect, and it's another Scotland lineout on their own line.
67'Seymour trying to get Scotland out of their own 22. And as the move breaks down, Ireland are awarded the put-in at the scrum. A try now would put things firmly in Ireland's favour in the championship table.
66'Geoff Cross is back on the field. Scotland are back to their full compliment.
65'The Fields Of Athenry is the chorus in Murrayfield now. Dougie Fife runs with it from halfway. A pass goes loose down the left wing. Hidalgo-Clyne moving the ball quickly from the base of the ruck each time the move breaks down. Hogg tries to chip through with a grubber but it's easily diverted and then Conor Murray boots a beauty into the Scottish 22, that will be a lineout in a great position for Ireland. Scotland with the throw.

Tristan Barclay: Excellent defence from Ireland gets them out of trouble there. They haven't really touched the ball since Sexton's penalty nudged them in front, but two Conor Murray kicks have turned Scotland back just when they looked to be threatening the visitors' line.
64'"Scotland, Scotland, Scotland" roars the crowd in support of the lineout. "Heeeeaaavvvveee" goes up the roar as they win it and build a maul. Which goes nowhere. Hidalgo-Clyne switches it left. Russell brought down but Scotland making no headway at all. Jonny Gray the latest to push forward. And it's a knock on by Denton! Ireland's defence comes up trumps again!
63'This is as relentless a second half from Ireland as the one Wales produced in Rome earlier this afternoon. Scotland simply can't get a breather. Until now, that is. Ireland punished for not releasing. If Scotland were to "do an Italy" and score a late try, Ireland could see their Six Nations title hopes disappear in a glimpse. This is on the precipice right now. And Scotland have a lineout around 10 metres from the Irish line.
62'Substitute on - Iain Henderson , Ireland
62'Player substituted - Devin Toner , Ireland
62'Substitute on - Sean Cronin , Ireland
62'Player substituted - Rory Best , Ireland
62'10-33 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
61'This is a huge kick, not in terms of difficulty but in terms of the moment it exists within. Whistles from the crowd, Sexton composes himself, steps up. Zing. Middle of the uprights. Ireland have overtaken Wales at the top of the Six Nations table. As. Things. Stand.
60'Ireland have a scrum on the Scotland 10-metre line. And another penalty against Scotland, for not releasing this time. Sexton goes for goal again. This might be the last time he gets this opportunity - not least if he misses again!
58'Brilliant break by Tommy Bowe, who looks like he's clear only to be forced into an extravagant, behind-the-back pass. It's intercepted by Matt Scott, which is just as well from Scotland/Wales/England's point of view.
56'Sexton to kick, from the Scotland 10-metre line. And it's wide! Six points go begging in a matter of minutes. Now, never mind Wales, England must now be watching this and feeling ever so slightly relieved!
56'Player substituted - Adam Ashe , Scotland
56'Substitute on - Rob Harley , Scotland
56'Substitute on - Sam Hidalgo-Clyne , Scotland
56'Player substituted - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
56'Yellow card - Geoff Cross , Scotland
55'Advantage to Ireland, they will have another penalty if they want it. A loose pass means it will be brought back and Scotland are flirting with the yellow cards now. Yep, it had to be. Geoff Cross is binned for being the latest Scot to try the referee's patience. There can't be much argument there, though there also can't be much blame attached either. This is all being caused by incessant Irish possession, power and pressure.
54'Payne and Sexton link up beautifully in midfield, Bowe kicks it ahead, but it's too far and Scotland will tidy up in their own in-goal area. That was a wonderful switch by Sexton.
53'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Ireland
53'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Ireland
53'Player substituted - Jim Hamilton , Scotland
53'Substitute on - Tim Swinson , Scotland
53'Substitute on - Fraser Brown , Scotland
53'Player substituted - Ross Ford , Scotland
52'Penalty to Ireland, Scotland leaving hands in the ruck. Sexton will take the three points. Wales begin ruing that late Italy try. And then... Sexton hits the post! That was a comparative sitter, too. Nerves, perhaps?
51'Tommy Bowe takes a superb high ball, massive collision in mid-air with Hogg. Not an inch being given in this. And Ireland are on the front foot again.
51'10-30 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
50'Ireland have a rolling maul from the lineout. Conor Murray playing gamesmaster at the back of it. Now it's being moved left, progressively, and then a brilliant switch sends Jared Payne over for the score! The simple conversion will mean Ireland and Wales are tied on points!
50'10-28 Try - Jared Payne , Ireland
49'Tristan Barclay: Paul O'Connell has come out all guns blazing for this second 40. He's in the referee's ear, politely of course, carrying hard and has already put in an important tackle of Finn Russell. If this is to be his last 6 Nations appearance, he wants it to be a winning one
48'Ireland gain a penalty as Scotland collapse the scrum. Sexton boots for touch and gets it to just around the Scotland 22. Ireland have had a whopping 83% of possession in this half so far.
47'Just as Scotland look like they might do something in the Ireland half, Jonny Gray knocks on clumsily and Ireland have a scrum.
46'Substitute on - Marty Moore , Ireland
46'Player substituted - Mike Ross , Ireland
45'Simply through from Sexton. As it stands, Ireland trail Wales by seven points in the game within the game.
45'10-23 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
43'Ireland are in Scotland's 22. They're at the five-metre line. They're inching closer and closer. It's shipped out to O'Connell, who loses the ball only for a penalty against Scotland for not rolling away. Sexton will take the three this time around, perhaps suggesting the earlier kick for touch was a matter of playing the odds, given it would have needed a decent boot to get the three then.
41'Similarly to the early part of the first half, Ireland are moving through the phases well, but the difference this time is Scotland have managed to turn them over and Hogg clears from deep. Ireland have it on halfway, and it's a penalty against Scotland for not releasing. Interestingly, Sexton kicks for touch. Maybe the edict now is points, points, points.
41'10-20 End of first half
40'Let's play some rugby! Sexton kicks off, and Ireland win the ball immediately. Penalty to Scotland but Finn Russell misses touch, so Ireland will get to build again.
40'Ireland have the put-in at the scrum. Hard to imagine they'll do anything other than put in, pick up, and kick it to touch. Well, they would, if Scotland weren't penalised for an early push. Free kick, booted to touch. Half-time oranges all round.
40'10-20 Start of second half
39'Scotland looking to get something back before half-time. Russell with the chip forward, Scott picks it up and then knocks on - again - when trying to offload. He lies on the turf in disgust at himself. That was a decent opportunity, and it was a great pick-up too by Scott.
37'Finn Russell with a glorious no look pass to Matt Scott, and he then breaks through. As the ball bounces around, Stuart Hogg thinks he's scored a try. So does Murrayfield. He was only five metres offside, and the ball was knocked on by Scott, yet still the celebrations seemed genuine. Weird!
35'Ireland get the put-in at a scrum in their own 22. The Irish pack, particularly the front row, have really been pivotal in every match this championship. Feverish ferreting of the ball at the breakdown.
34'10-20 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
33'The lead is 10 again. It's like a game within a game, this.

Tristan Barclay: A personal interest of mine (don't laugh) is the politics of silence for the kicker. We all know you're supposed to shut up when the fly-half's about to kick for goal, but Murrayfield is conveniently forgetting that today. Too much pride riding on the result.
32'A chorus of Flower Of Scotland rings out. It's caught in the air though by the referee's whistle, as Scotland are penalised at the scrum and Sexton will have another pop at goal.
32'Substitute on - Alasdair Dickinson , Scotland
32'Player substituted - Ryan Grant , Scotland
31'10-17 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
30'There was a super little cameo from Adam Ashe in amongst all that. Only 21, he represents the future for Scotland. To be honest, he's representing the present pretty well too.

Tristan Barclay: Back to square one almost for Ireland, but they only have themselves to blame for that Finn Russell try. A failed line-out attempt gifted Scotland possession, and Stuart Hogg (as so often is the case) made it happen for the hosts.
30'8-17 Try - Finn Russell , Scotland
29'A promising break from Scotland. A kick forward is superbly picked up by Hogg who then passes in to Tommy Seymour. He's brought down but Scotland regroup well and Finn Russell bursts over the line! Murrayfield comes to life - well, the non-Irish sections at least!
27'Another stunning break by Sean O'Brien, whose No.7 jersey is getting a lovely airing in the Murrayfield sunshine without so much as a Scottish hand being placed on it. He hands off to Tommy Bowe, but his offload is brilliantly picked up by Stuart Hogg. You have to wonder where Scotland would be without Hogg's defence in this championship.
26'Sexton slices a kick across field but Ireland win it back virtually uncontested. As neat a microchosm of this match as you're going to see.
26'3-17 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
25'Tristan Barclay: Vern Cotter looked less than impressed as O'Brien went over there. Probably best that he's cooped up in a glass box with his coaching staff - not sure what he was saying is broadcastable
25'3-15 Try - Sean O'Brien , Ireland
24'And out of nowhere, Ireland try! Sean O'Brien breaking clear from the back of a lineout and easily getting through the virtually non-existent Scottish defence. Great try from an Irish perspective, an absolute shocker from a Scottish view. Sexton converts. They lead by 14. They need at least six more to overhaul Wales, but possibly have England in their minds as well. The more points, the better, quite simply.
22'Another superb break down the left by Ireland, who are shipping the ball wonderfully to Fitzgerald and he is tearing Scotland apart on the wing. He offloaded well to Henshaw, his partner-in-crime so far today, but Henshaw was narrowly dragged into touch.
22'Player substituted - Tim Visser , Scotland
22'Substitute on - Dougie Fife , Scotland
21'Dougie Fife returns from his blood injury substitution, so goodbye Tim Visser. For now, at least.
20'This is Scotland's best passage of play so far. Mark Bennett, a shining light in this tournament for the Scots, gets free down the left. Laidlaw trying to get into position but Ross Ford is penalised for going off his feet. Big penalty to give away just as Scotland were building some pressure.
18'From the restart, Jared Payne is probably pretty lucky to escape any punishment for taking a player out in the air. That should have at least been a yellow card.
18'3-10 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
17'A penalty against Ireland now for not rolling away. Laidlaw points to the posts, and Scotland should be on on the board very shortly.
15'Scotland building some pressure in the Irish 22 for the first time in the game. A knock on from a lineout gives Scotland the put-in at the scrum. Confirmation as well that Euan Murray has a broken nose. He's done for the day.
13'As if things hadn't started badly enough for Scotland, Euan Murray - making a record 66th appearance by a prop for Scotland - is off injured. Geoff Cross, complete with a bit of a trim to his beard, is on in his place.
12'Every time Ireland get the ball in their own territory, they are shipping it left and finding absolutely acres of space. Another break from deep and Ireland again have Scotland defending in their own 22. Joe Schmidt is pacing his technical area in the West Stand - he usually is the picture of serenity in the booth, but a day like today is even infecting him!

Tristan Barclay: The scoreboard makes for grim reading if you're a Scotland fan at the moment, but there's a ray of light in the world-class Stuart Hogg. His first jinking run inside Irish territory brings Murrayfield to its feet.
12'Player substituted - Euan Murray , Scotland
12'Substitute on - Geoff Cross , Scotland
12'Substitute on - Tim Visser , Scotland
12'Player substituted - Dougie Fife , Scotland
10'Easily through from Sexton, who has started a good deal better than he did last Saturday in Cardiff. As has the whole of the Ireland team, mind you.
10'0-10 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
9'From the lineout, there's a huge up and under from Sexton and Stuart Hogg makes a magnificent catch in his own in-goal area. Rob Kearney nearly got his hands to that first, and that would have been a second try. Great defence from Hogg, not for the first time this tournament. It goes back for a penalty against Scotland though, and Sexton will have the chance to add three.
8'Stuart Hogg takes a terrific catch as Ireland launch one of the first of their famous/infamous high balls. Penalty against Scotland though, Greig Laidlaw apparently pinged for obstruction. Sexton kicks for touch and this is another opportunity for Ireland to mount some pressure.
7'More space for Ireland, Fitzgerald being given the freedom of the west wing at Murrayfield. He gets over halfway before being pulled down, but the Scots turn him over and will try and stall some of this momentum that is threatening to turn this into as one-sided a contest as it was in Rome.
6'0-7 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
5'There was a quick check with the TMO to ensure there was no obstruction by Mike Ross before O'Connell's try. There wasn't, and Sexton adds the extras.
5'0-5 Try - Paul O'Connell , Ireland
4'That break is into its ninth phase now. Paul O'Connell picks up, drives - and scores! The captain leads by example and Ireland have a try within the first five minutes of the match!

Tristan Barclay from his position at Murrayfield: "They started the day knowing the needed tries and who should step up to the plate but skipper Paul O'Connell. The roar from the crowd was as loud as any produced at the Aviva - you'd think it was a home fixture for Ireland!"
3'Huge break from Ireland! The Irish contingent are on their feet, Ireland bursting away from the scrum and are now building pressure on the Scots' line.
2'From a Scotland lineout, Ireland force a knock on and will have the put-in at the scrum in the Scotland half.
1'Tristan Barclay sums up the first half at Murrayfield: "Ireland kicked off knowing they had to do something they've struggled to do this championship so far - score tries. But far from letting nerves get to them, they came out like a rocket and it looked for all the world like we could have a thrashing on our hands. Scotland have clawed their way back into this, though, and the efforts of Stuart Hogg, Finn Russell and Matt Scott are throwing a spanner in the works of Ireland's title defence. The next 40 minutes are do or die time for both sides, you feel, with a Six Nations crown and a whitewash on the line respectively."

The teams are on their way back out, to the strains of the Proclaimers, Runrig and any other band that rumbles on about walking places or going to a loch. In other words, half-time "entertainment".
1'And we are go! Scotland kick off but Ireland turn them over well in the early phases.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPNscrum's coverage of the second match on Super Saturday - have you caught your breath from the Italy-Wales game yet?

Ireland must win by 20 points or more to stand a chance of winning the Six Nations championship.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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