15Mike Brown, FB
14Anthony Watson, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Luther Burrell, C
11Jack Nowell, W
10George Ford, FH
9Ben Youngs, SH
1Joe Marler, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
3Dan Cole, P
4Geoff Parling, L
5Courtney Lawes, L
6James Haskell, FL
7Chris Robshaw, FL
8Billy Vunipola, N8
16Tom Youngs, H
17Mako Vunipola, P
18Kieran Brookes, P
19Nick Easter, L
20Tom Wood, FL
21Richard Wigglesworth, SH
22Danny Cipriani, W
23Billy Twelvetrees, C

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham
1:00 PM, March 21, 2015
Capacity: 82,000
Attendance: 82,319

Match Commentary

81'In summary....


Tom Hamilton: "In the end it was just too big a margin. England can feel hugely proud of their efforts. Ben Youngs was superb. They will go into the World Cup a wounded beast. It may yet be the making of this team."

Thank you for your company throughout this match, this afternoon and throughout the Six Nations championship. It's been a thrilling end to the tournament and sets rugby up beautifully for the Rugby World Cup. Roll on September 18, and the curtain-raiser: England v Fiji at Twickenham.

We'll be there - you should be too!
81'55-35 End of half
81'55-35 End of half
81'55-35 End of half
81'55-35 End of second half
80'This is it. Lineout. Robshaw takes it. "Heave" roars the crowd. Even the backs are in to the drive now! It's a heaving mass of humanity! England need to score a try. But... it's a penalty to France. That's it! No it isn't! They're running it! Why are they running it?! That comes to nought, and Scott Spedding picks it up and boots it hurrumphically into touch. The crowd boos but that is one of the most extraordinary games of rugby that anyone who has witnessed this has probably ever seen.
79'Clock is stopped. It will restart with a France scrum. If they stick it up the jumper, England's hopes are dashed. It would also be the first time they've done that all afternoon! And they manage to concede a penalty on their own scrum put in! Ford boots it to six metres from the French line.
79'Substitute on - Vincent Debaty , France
79'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
77'England are handling the ball better than they have in the entire tournament. Even Courtney Lawes drops it and doesn't knock on, which is pretty impressive. Cipriani tries to burst through and he's pulled into touch. Inexcusably, France decide to take it quickly! And knock on! What are they thinking? Irish-French relations have just nose-dived!
76'Tom Hamilton: Rugby, bloody hell. The noise is incredible here. The old place is rocking.
76'55-35 Conversion - George Ford , England
75'Conversion is good. Five minutes to score a try and convert it for probably the most incredible Six Nations triumph ever.
75'53-35 Try - Jack Nowell , England
74'From the scrum, England pop the ball around beautifully and Ford flips it to Nowell for his second try of the game. A conversion, and England will need a converted try to be champions.
73'England with a lineout on the France 22. Out it goes to Joseph. He's brought down short of the five-metre line. Unplayable ball, says the referee, scrum England.
72'A lovely little sideshow breaks out. Chris Robshaw complains to the referee, Rory Kockott goes across and says "come on, you're not the referee" and Nigel Owens suddenly belts out in his best headmaster tone: "CHRISTOPHER!" Robshaw leaves with his head bowed.
72'Substitute on - Richard Wigglesworth , England
72'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
72'Substitute on - Billy Twelvetrees , England
72'Player substituted - Luther Burrell , England
72'Player substituted - Jules Plisson , France
72'Substitute on - Remi Tales , France
72'Substitute on - Mathieu Bastareaud , France
72'Player substituted - Maxime Mermoz , France
71'Great hands from a host of England players as they try to probe down the left. Now Youngs through the middle with another show and go. He's really been terrific today.
69'Lineout for England in a very dangerous position, only for France to steal it. That's a big moment. No doubt welcomed in Ireland (and Murrayfield...)
68'France are still throwing this around as though they're entertaining thoughts of winning the match outright. England, to become Six Nations champions, will need to get to 61 points.
68'Player substituted - James Haskell , England
68'Substitute on - Tom Wood , England
68'Substitute on - Romain Taofifenua , France
68'Player substituted - Yoann Maestri , France
68'Player substituted - Geoff Parling , England
68'Substitute on - Nick Easter , England
66'48-35 Try - Benjamin Kayser , France
65'Try for France. Over two hundred points scored in the Six Nations today. It's a pushover try from the lineout. This afternoon should be recast in schools in the future as a live arithmetic challenge for kids.
64'England lead by 18 points. They need another eight, but there's a penalty pending for France for offside. And it's a super kick into the England 22.
64'48-30 Conversion - George Ford , England
64'46-30 Try - Billy Vunipola , England
63'Ah, try. Of course. It had been a full four minutes. Billy Vunipola bashes over. That's 10 tries. TEN! In this match alone!
63'Substitute on - Danny Cipriani , England
63'Player substituted - Anthony Watson , England
63'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
63'Substitute on - Kieran Brookes , England
63'Substitute on - Mako Vunipola , England
63'Player substituted - Joe Marler , England
63'Substitute on - Damien Chouly , France
63'Player substituted - Loann Goujon , France
62'There is an interested crowd gathered at Murrayfield, where, despite there being absolutely no rugby being played right now, Irish fans are waiting to see if their team will be lifting the trophy at the end of this match. As if to add to the craziness of the situation, it won't even be THE trophy. That's at Twickenham.
61'Points check: England require 15 unanswered. They're actually further away than they were at half time, despite scoring two tries...
61'Substitute on - Uini Atonio , France
61'Player substituted - Vincent Debaty , France
60'41-30 Try - Vincent Debaty , France
59'Huge chant of "Swing Low", but Nikaitaci is away again! He's an absolute livewire. He's away down the left and he's flipped it back to Vincent Debaty, the prop who somehow, somehow, has kept up with that break by Nikaitaci. What a try. A top 10 of tries from today would be some viewing!

Tom Hamilton: For all the pragmatic rugby we have seen in the Six Nations, this is like watching Sevens.
58'Offside against France. Brown takes it quickly. Vunipola pushes on. Parling now. Youngs moves it to Burrell, to Brown, chip through, out of the side of the in-goal area. 22 drop-out.
57'More bad news for England. Robshaw looks like he's turned his ankle being brought down by Dusautoir. He goes off for treatment and then somehow comes limping back on. This is a big moment to be down to 13-and-a-half men...
57'Yellow card - James Haskell , England
56'France should have it from the lineout but somehow manage to lose it, like it's suddenly a bar of soap. Then England ship it to the right only to... treat it like it's a bar of soap. Knock on against England, scrum France. And now the TMO wants the referee to look at the lineout, where it seems Haskell has tripped Plisson. He has, and he's been sin-binned for that.

Tom Hamilton: Silly.

Indeed, and that's really spoiled an excellent championship for Haskell.
55'So, England lead by 16. They need another 10 points. Spedding's misjudgement from a Mike Brown punt makes things interesting in the French 22 again...
55'41-25 Conversion - George Ford , England
54'39-25 Try - Jack Nowell , England
53'Blink and it's a try! For England. Jack Nowell scurries over as France forget to tackle at all having had a penalty advantage awarded against them. Is that 23 tries for the day now? Absurd. Eight tries in this match alone. Only two short of Italy-Wales' points-bonanza earlier today.
53'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
53'Substitute on - Tom Youngs , England
52'34-25 Penalty goal - Rory Kockott , France
51'Good grief, nothing's simple today. Kockott lines up the kick, slips slightly as he makes contact, pulls it, and it kisses the inside of the post before... going through! Utterly ridiculous afternoon of rugby.
50'Superb handling in the backs from France, but the ruck doesn't work out quite so well for them. More tremendous work from Robshaw and Co in the forwards. The referee calls it back for a penalty to France, which seems a bit harsh on some terrific tackling and recovery work by England's pack.
49'Ford is having a very ropey second half, try aside. Another strange kicking decision leads to a charge down by Spedding then a penalty to France.
49'Substitute on - Rory Kockott , France
49'Player substituted - Sebastien Tillous-Borde , France
48'Player substituted - Nicolas Mas , France
48'Substitute on - Rabah Slimani , France
48'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , France
48'Substitute on - Benjamin Kayser , France
47'So we're back to England needing 14 points to be champions. Just like Wales and Ireland, if they don't become champions, they'll be ruing what might have been for a very long time to come. It's been in and out of all three nations' grasp this afternoon.
47'34-22 Conversion - George Ford , England
47'32-22 Try - George Ford , England
46'A chance for England, created mainly by the swift handling of captain Robshaw. He burrows forward, the ball goes right to Watson and he is almost through only for the French defence to regroup. And now Ben Youngs is away again, brilliant break, brilliant pass inside to Ford and that's a superb try by England. And Ben Youngs is having a blinder!

Tom Hamilton: Ben Youngs has been fantastic so far for England. While others are losing their heads, he is playing the match and occasion superbly.
43'Ford almost boots out on the full again! Nikaitaci picks it out of the air and France look to put more pressure on England. Interestingly, the Twickenham "advantage" might turn on its head if England don't get up a head of steam soon.
43'27-22 Conversion - Jules Plisson , France
43'27-20 Try - Maxime Mermoz , France
42'That's the 21st try of Super Saturday. Easy conversion as well. England need 21 unanswered points to be champions.
41'France starting on the front foot and they are on the England five-metre line. Le Roux almost through, but then Maxime Mermoz is over! It's a try!
41'+127-15 End of first half
41'+127-15 Penalty goal - George Ford , England
40'Fourteen unanswered points required by England. Here we go. George Ford boots out on the full. A sign that this isn't going to be straightforward for England.
40'It's up, it's good. England lead by 12 having trailed by eight at one stage. Another 14 points to the good in the second half, and they will be Six Nations champions.
40'27-15 Start of second half
39'England have the ball in their own half. Ford with a chip through, Twickenham erupts saying Joseph was obstructed chasing after that. But it's a scrum for a knock on. And if sensible heads rule, this will be booted to touch and everyone can regather for the second half. Now the TMO has decided to get involved, wanting to look at the obstruction call. It's going to be a penalty for England, thanks to the TMO. Ford will kick for goal - not sure the TMO will be getting served Guinness any time soon.
38'Both teams are almost daring the other to do something now. This has been a pulsating but punishing first half, and the final few minutes can disappear for all the players care.
37'24-15 Conversion - George Ford , England
36'Oh, and yeah, the conversion was good. England lead by nine. They need a few more in the second half, but then so did Wales and Ireland...
36'22-15 Try - Ben Youngs , England
35'And now a scuffle breaks out again. Mike Brown gets a stern talking to, as does Guirado, as do both captains. There's going to be dismissals if this doesn't end, is basically Nigel Owens' warning.
34'Ridiculous passage of rugby once again. A Ford kick is charged down, Fickou almost boots himself into a try scoring position but it goes into touch. Almost immediately, Jonathan Joseph is legging it into the France 22. A penalty is awarded, Mike Brown taps quickly, and Ben Youngs is over for his second try of the match! That could have been a try for either team in the space of about 45 seconds!
33'France are into Phase 15 of this current bit of possession. They've made about an inch in terms of territory throughout that. Phase 17 is a frustration too far, and they boot high towards the England 22. And a kicking tennis match ensues.
32'Massive hit by Robshaw in the midfield as France look to get things going again. You get the sense this game would have been nothing like this if it had been played last week.
31'17-15 Conversion - George Ford , England
31'15-15 Try - Anthony Watson , England
30'No, after a bit of back and forth, that's a TRY! It appeared James Haskell had either knocked on or played everybody offside, but instead it turned out that Nikaitaci had been the man to get the touch. And a great conversion from George Ford to boot.
29'Here comes Ben Youngs, he shows and goes, beyond the 22 and then the ball is worked wide to Anthony Watson. He touches down in the corner but everyone's body language appears to suggest this isn't a try. Even Twickenham didn't really react. It's been referred to the TMO, and it's going to come back in all likelihood for an offside.
28'Plisson misses. Might save that as a CTRL+V at this rate...
27'From the restart, Huget makes a terrific grab in the air and France have a chance. France, it must be said, are looking to throw the ball around a good deal more than they were in the first two or three matches in this Six Nations. There's an advantage being played for going off feet by England, and France will have a chance to restore their eight-point advantage.
27'10-15 Penalty goal - George Ford , England
26'Penalty to England, George Ford lining up the kick. Straight down the middle. England trail by five, and need 31 unanswered points to become Six Nations champions...
25'They've been woken up by a fight in the France half. France have taken exception to Courtney Lawes delivering a late hit. Worryingly for England, that's been referred to the TMO. Jules Plisson's neck whipped violently back and forth having passed the ball right. Referee Nigel Owens is content that the hit was fine. However, now the fight is being reviewed... Nothing to see there, either, so all a bit of a hullaballoo over nothing. Both captains are spoken to by Owens to explain things, and we might get back to playing some crazy, inept, uncomposed rugby again!

Tom Hamilton: Courtney Lawes has just woken Twickenham from its slumber.
24'Tom Hamilton: Twickenham is so quiet - France have stunned the crowd.
22'Lineout for England on the France 22. Dan Cole wriggles over that line. Referee blows his whistle because of a forward pass, so it's a France scrum.
21'Plisson, having been perfect in the championship until his last penalty attempt, now pulls another penalty wide of the uprights. England are getting off the hook, being put back on it, then being let back off it again.
20'A damning statistic to round out a crazy first quarter - Handling Errors: England 6-2 France. Plus a try that nearly never was.
19'Absolutely absurd rugby at Twickenham. Nikaitaci is away AGAIN from the restart and he and Huget almost manage to combine for yet another try. They are stopped, the ball goes to the right, then comes back to the left and France are almost in again! Nikaitaci again! He's brought down, but this is as ludicrous a match as the Six Nations has seen in years. England have lost their minds defensively, as if they've been watching the matches beforehand in the pubs around Twickenham with the rest of the atttendees!

Tom Hamilton: Ah the unpredictability of the French - how brutally stark an example this is! La Marseillaise is ringing out.
19'7-15 Conversion - Jules Plisson , France
18'7-13 Try - Noa Nakaitaci , France
17'This is going to be a try, via the TMO. And that is a hugely controversial decision, but firstly Nikaitaci will be getting a serious telling off for making such a mess of what was a simple try. He was released on the left wing by Guirado and had the simple task of jogging in and dotting down. Somehow, he nearly didn't manage that.
16'England looking to build something in the French half, which backfired on them spectacularly last time. England fans looking to build a chorus of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", too. And as soon as France win the ball, they're off and running through Scott Spedding. A chance, and that's a try for France! Or is it? Has Nikaitaci managed to carry that out of the back of the goal area? Has he managed to ground it properly? What on earth has happened to the composed, conservative rugby of the last four matchweeks in the Six Nations?!
14'Plisson misses the conversion. Twickenham gives him a Bronx Jeer.
14'7-8 Try - Sebastien Tillous-Borde , France
13'Well. France have scored a try! And England have shot themselves firmly in the foot. Courtney Lawes drops a pass in midfield and suddenly Yoann Huget has nobody between himself and the tryline. Out of nowhere, France lead!
12'Tom Hamilton: Good early intensity from England - Joe Marler being the man to charge down that latest kick shows how up for this they are.
11'Interestingly, it seems England have identified Billy Vunipola as a source of pain for France. Twice he's been given the chance to be the battering ram as the passes shift across the backline. And twice he's delivered a massive hit on his poor tackler, who would rather be somewhere else entirely.
11'7-3 Penalty goal - Jules Plisson , France
10'Boom, straight through. Twickenham has a collective sigh to itself.
9'Penalty to France in the English half, for not releasing against George Ford. A kick for goal for France through Jules Plisson, who hasn't missed so far this tournament.
7'Some pretty shocking stuff so far from France, who are throwing the ball around as if this is a training session on Christmas Eve, with minds elsewhere. That said, they finally start to make some inroads in the England half. Only to be turned over and then when Youngs boots forward, France fall back asleep and Ford and Burrell are almost away via a steal in the French half. This is pretty pathetic stuff from France so far.

Tom Hamilton: Nervy start from Luther Burrell - hands have let him down twice now.
5'Penalty for England as France wheel the scrum. It's about five metres inside the France half. Ford will kick for goal. And he's pulled it wide. As you were.
4'Very few occasions at all have evoked this kind of atmosphere at Twickenham. Knowing what their team have to do, the crowd realise they have a part to play as well.

Tom Hamilton: For the first time I can remember, such were the decibels for the England try, the press box was literally rocking.
3'George Ford kicks a beaut from the right touchline. Twickenham settles itself down for a much more enjoyable evening that it anticipated fully four minutes ago.
3'7-0 Conversion - George Ford , England
2'Wild forward pass by France and England are going to score! A try in the first 90 seconds! Ben Youngs! Twickenham is going to fall down if this noise keeps up! Raucous stuff. Raucous start. Raucous Saturday.

Well, where to start with that try. Shocking pass in the back line by France, and England were on to it in a flash. Jonathan Joseph made the initial break, then Mike Brown and it fell to Ben Youngs to go over the line as France looked around wondering what had happened. Did nobody tell them England need a stack of points?
2'5-0 Try - Ben Youngs , England
1'Tom Hamilton: 'The Six Nations is boring,' they said... 'Super Saturday' they called it. The latter is living up to its cliched billing. Handling errors aplenty but England can make up that points difference which when France went 15-7 seemed unsurmountable. If they stay calm France are there for the taking but beware the counter attack.
1'And we are off! France kick off, and Billy Vunipola handles it carefully. More carefully than Luther Burrell, who knocks on as he tries to burst up the left wing.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPNscrum's live coverage of the final match of Six Nations 2015. Super Saturday has been absolutely incredible so far, and now England go into their final match, at home, needing a 26-point victory to be crowned Six Nations champions.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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