15Liam Williams, FB
14Alex Cuthbert, W
13Jonathan Davies, C
12Jamie Roberts, C
11George North, W
10Dan Biggar, FH
9Gareth Davies, SH
1Rob Evans, P
2Scott Baldwin, H
3Samson Lee, P
4Bradley Davies, L
5Alun Wyn Jones, L
6Dan Lydiate, FL
7Sam Warburton, FL
8Taulupe Faletau, N8
16Ken Owens, R
17Gethin Jenkins, R
18Tomas Francis, R
19Jake Ball, R
20Justin Tipuric, R
21Lloyd Williams, R
22Rhys Priestland, R
23Gareth Anscombe, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Principality Stadium
3:05 PM, February 26, 2016
Capacity: 74,500

Match Commentary


ESPN's Martyn Thomas had this to say straight from Cardiff:

"Wales remain on course for a fourth championship success under Warren Gatland, and they owe that fact to a committed defensive effort in Cardiff. The Principality Stadium roof failed to close ahead of kick off and thereafter the match refused to catch light. The game turned on an error from Jules Plisson that spared George North's blushes and allowed the wing to score the game's decisive try. This is not a match that will live long in the memory but then Wales have yet to hit top gear in any of their three outings so far. They head to Twickenham in a fortnight unbeaten, however, and starring down a potential championship decider."
81'19-10 End of second half
80'19-10 Conversion - Francois Trinh-Duc , France
79'And France are into double figures!
79'19-8 Try - Guilhem Guirado , France

And they've done it! The lineout has pushed and pushed and have finally the French have reaped their rewards thanks to a Guirado try!
77'So close! France are over the lineout by the ref's pulled it back for another penalty from 5m. In the meantime, G.Davies has been awarded the man of the match.
77'Substitute on - Justin Tipuric , Wales
77'Player substituted - Dan Lydiate , Wales
77'Substitute on - Lloyd Williams , Wales
77'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
77'Substitute on - Jake Ball , Wales
77'Player substituted - Alun Wyn Jones , Wales
76'Penalty given to France within kicking range but they've gone for the all star finish by kicking for the lineout! Can they finished the game off with a try?
75'Some better stuff from France to end off the second half. Francois Trinh-Duc navigates past a couple of tacklers -- which is pleasing on the eye -- before having to offload.
74'It's G.Davies again to break the French line before offloading to his teammate left, who drives head first into French arms. Wales just 5m out now...
74'Substitute on - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
74'Player substituted - Liam Williams , Wales
73'And after a couple of promising forward bursts from France, they're quickly pegged back and have even gifted a penalty to Wales. Too far for Priestland to kick though, so they've gone for the lineout.
72'Tackle after tackle, with Jenkins' one on Machenaud a standout. Both sides still struggling to get off the half way line.
71'Scrum now to get the game back underway with France to feed.
71'Player substituted - Maxime Medard , France
71'Substitute on - Sebastien Bezy , France
71'Substitute on - Rhys Priestland , Wales
71'Player substituted - Dan Biggar , Wales
70'Both sides are stuck in the midfield still, and the game has seemingly taken a back foot due to a few players dropping down with cramp. One of those players is Dan Biggar, who's just been taken off.
68'Lineout now for the French.
67'France are trying to find that momentum from a few minutes ago, but Wales are in the ascendancy now. Even though it was a minor three points, it's really sucked the wind out of the French sails.
67'Substitute on - Tomas Francis , Wales
67'Player substituted - Samson Lee , Wales
67'Player substituted - Scott Baldwin , Wales
67'Substitute on - Ken Owens , Wales
67'Substitute on - Gael Fickou , France
67'Player substituted - Maxime Mermoz , France
66'Sliced the sticks in two. Precision. Wales surely have this won now.
66'19-3 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
65'No, he's okay -- just a knock! He's even going to kick the penalty Wales have just been awarded.
64'Plays been paused as it looks like Biggar's down with an injury...
63'Wales can't alot else with it besides force it out for a France lineout down their right flank...
63'Player substituted - Jules Plisson , France
63'Substitute on - Francois Trinh-Duc , France
63'Substitute on - Uini Atonio , France
63'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
63'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , France
63'Substitute on - Vincent Pelo , France
63'Substitute on - Camille Chat , France
63'Player substituted - Damien Chouly , France
62'Just as Vakatawa looks like escaping down the right, George North is the hero again and intercepts the pass!
61'France are battling away again, Medard this time the one trying to make things happen. However, Wales are doing tremendously well to keep their opponents at bay.
58'And it's so nearly there yet again!! But it's Jonathan Davies who has to call on his kicking ability to clear the incoming pressure from the French. Touch and go here, France are really pushing for it!
57'Guilhem Guirado very nearly makes the try for France but it's brought back for the scrum. France just simply have to make this pressure pay!
56'France's scrum is maneuvered quickly to their backs who continue their bombardment on the Welsh try line. Plisson looking more confident with his kicking, too.
56'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
56'Substitute on - Gethin Jenkins , Wales
54'Great stuff from both sides. Superb cross kick from Plisson into the hands of Djibril Camara on the left flank who very swiftly offloads to . However, Wales are quickly to the rescue and deny any further movement by forcing Medard into touch.
53'But, they've collapsed in the scrum and gifted France a penalty. They've kicked for the lineout on 5m.
53'Substitute on - Loann Goujon , France
53'Player substituted - Antoine Burban , France
52'Great play from Alun Wyn Jones and Sam Warburton. France pushed and pushed, got the lineout from 5m, but the defensive work from the Welsh pack has kept them at bay. Scrum for Wales now in their 22.
50'France have started to play some more attractive and open rugby now. They're worked it to phase 10 and are in the Welsh 22. Something could come of this...
48'After that brief moment of excitement, we're back to scrummaging...
48'16-3 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Wales

Jonathan Davies kicks long up field and it's to perfection! It was a battle of pace for George North and the France defense to see who could get their first. The ball very nearly came to a standstill along the French tryline, and despite an initial missed kick from the Wales winger, he still managed to collect and touch down!
46'14-3 Try - George North , Wales
45'But Wales have poached it back and kicked long, George North to chase, this is a 50-50 chance of a try!
44'Another scrum -- this time in French hands -- and in similar style to the Welsh, they're not messing about and have gone full steam ahead into the tackles.
44'Player substituted - Paul Jedrasiak , France
44'Substitute on - Yoann Maestri , France
43'And it's not long before they're putting a few more points on the board, too! Biggar kicks the extra three from a penalty.
43'9-3 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
42'Wales don't mess about this time though as they have gone full steam ahead into the French line. Biggar tries the kick into the corner with Williams running in, but it's just cut out by Vakatawa.
41'We're already into the first scrum. Surprise, surprise...

ESPN's Martyn Thomas had this to say straight from Cardiff:

"There has been some cracking rugby played today. Unfortunately it has been in the Super Rugby and not in Cardiff. Wales started strongly but bar Gareth Davies' late slalom through the French defence they have been unable to put their visitors under any real pressure. Still, but for an uncharacteristic miss from the kicking tee, France would find themselves further than three points behind at the break. In truth that would not be fair following 40 minutes of rugby in which they gradually, very gradually, found their confidence and rhythm. The scoreline is probably fair on the balance of play, of which there has been very little."
41'6-3 End of first half
40'And we're back underway courtesy of Dan Biggar's boot. Let's go!
40'Wales nearly make something of the scrum again, but it's forced down before their opponents after awarded the penalty. They're be very grateful for that one to close half out, Wales were really pushing.
40'6-3 Start of second half
39'The reset scrum needs more work still. Third attempt now...
38'Another scrum, and unlike the one a few moments ago, not much happens and it needs resetting...
37'Gareth Davies is very nearly the man to score the first try!

He collects the ball from the rear of the scrum, runs diagonally for the try line making substantial ground before having to kick for one of his teammates to chase as he's swarmed by French bodies. However, no one can make it and Vakatawa is there for the French to clear, albeit unconvincingly as the ball bounced near his feet.
36'The games struggling to catch fire as we enter yet more midfield stalemate and scrummaging...
36'Player substituted - Loann Goujon , France
36'Substitute on - Antoine Burban , France
34'Dan Lydiate's poor tackle gifts France the kicking opportunity, and from it, they kick the three points. 6-3.
34'6-3 Penalty goal - Jules Plisson , France
33'Ruined it! After building it to phase 12 and getting to five metres out, Loann Goujon is penalised for tackling off his feet. Wales have the penalty.
32'And all of sudden France come to life. Vakatawa makes a break for it and Wales are now the ones on the back foot. Les Bleus are pushing hard here, and their about 10 metres from the try line. Slowly but surely...
31'6-0 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
30'Which doesn't take long for France to fault and turn that into a penalty opportunity. Biggar to kick.
30'Substitute on - Loann Goujon , France
30'Player substituted - Antoine Burban , France
29'And Plisson has punted it out for the lineout. An attacking throw for Wales now.
28'Another scrum now, this time for France to feed. Wales originally penalised for a knock on.
27'France emerge from that man mountain with the ball, chuck it back to Medard who kicks clear.
26'Biggar kicks, Williams chases, not much happens besides a bundle of bodies on the ball from just five metres out.
25'And that's exactly what they do, this time with a tad more intensity, too. Jonathan Davies breaks the line before being pegged back by Chouly.
24'After a couple bash-and-barges, France offer their own upfield kick which is easily collected by Wales. Time for the home nation to mount another attack of their own now...
22'Wales given another penalty but it's too deep for the sticks. Kicked high and long for Gareth Davies to chase down field.
22'3-0 Penalty goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
20'Late tackle from Jedrasiak on Faletau gifts Wales another chance for the three points. Biggar to kick, looks relatively straight forward this one.
19'France escape the threat of that imposing lineout, but only until the half way line before surrendering the ball back to their opponents, again...
17'Excellent punt downfield from Biggar helps his side finally gain some substantial bit of territory. It's bounced out for a France lineout, but it's not in the most comfortable of areas for the away side.
16'Plisson has tried for the sticks, but missed it. Power was good, but his accuracy is off.
15'Wales penalised for collapsing and France have been given the penalty along the half way line.
14'Scrum again, which needs resetting, and we're waiting for the second go...
12'Wales have the lineout down their left flank. They're struggling to make any serious territory at the moment, while France are struggling themselves to get the ball at all.
10'Missed it! The score remains 0-0. Faletau has caught the restart and his team have possession again.
9'Jules Plisson kicks -- very badly -- for the lineout. He must have thought it was a penalty, as their was no need to do that. However, Wales have just earnt themselves another penalty and this time Biggar's going for it...
7'Wales have the penalty! Definitely within kickable distance for Biggar, but surprisingly they've opted for the scrum
6'A French knock on gifts Wales their second scrum just inside the their opponents half. However, it needs resetting after the first attempt...
5'Ah, the penalty's been given to France and they can kick to release that initial piece of Welsh pressure.
4'Wales are pushing hard here and have most of the possession since that first minute scrum. Their shifting the ball in both directions, but in France's defense, they're doing well at keeping the home nation at bay. Wales are up to phase 11 right now, though...
2'Davies collects from the back of the Welsh pack before offloading to Dan Biggar, who kicks for the corner. Nice looking kick, but France's Medard collects deep in his side's 22.
1'We're underway here in Cardiff as the away team kick us into play!

And we're already into the first scrum of the game after France are penalised for a forward pass down their left flank. Davis to feed for Wales.
1'And, if you're still thirsty for more rugby...

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    WALES XV: Liam Williams, Cuthbert, J Davies, Roberts, North, Biggar, G Davies; R Evans, Baldwin, Lee, B Davies, Jones, Lydiate, Warburton (c), Faletau

    Replacements: Owens, Jenkins, Francis, Ball, Tipuric, Lloyd Williams, Priestland, Anscombe

    FRANCE XV: Medard, Vakatawa, Mermoz, Danty, Camara, Plisson, Machenaud; Poirot, Guirado (c), Slimani, Jedrasiak, Flanquart, Lauret, Burban, Chouly

    Replacements: Chat, Atonio, Pelo, Maestri, Goujon, Bezy, Trinh-Duc, Fickou

    You can follow our man on the ground, Martyn Thomas(@MCThomasSport), who'll be giving us his live updates straight from the match in Cardiff. His preview can be read HERE.

    France have beaten Italy and Ireland without truly convincing but find themselves right in the mix. With both sides still to face Eddie Jones' unbeaten England the result in Cardiff could prove pivotal, if not decisive.

    Wales have arguably been the form side so far, but their opening weekend draw against Ireland means they cannot afford any further slip-ups.

    It is too early to talk about Six Nations championship deciders, yet the hosts tonight know they would be knocked out of contention with a defeat under the open roof.

    Hello and welcome to ESPN's live commentary of the Six Nations clash between Wales and France!
  • 1'0-0 Start of first half

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