15Mike Brown, FB
14Jonny May, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Owen Farrell, C
11Elliot Daly, W
10George Ford, FH
9Ben Youngs, SH
1Joe Marler, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
3Dan Cole, P
4Joe Launchbury, L
5Courtney Lawes, L
6Maro Itoje, FL
7Tom Wood, FL
8Nathan Hughes, N8
16Jamie George, R
17Matt Mullan, R
18Kyle Sinckler, R
19Teimana Harrison, R
20James Haskell, R
21Danny Care, R
22Ben Te'o, R
23Jack Nowell, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham
11:50 AM, February 4, 2017
Capacity: 82,000

Match Commentary

81'19-16 End of second half
80'Penalty England and that's the game. It wasn't pretty but England battled to victory which will please Eddie Jones, if nothing else.
80'Doussain misses touch! England send France way back into their half. They'll have to go some 80 metres.
79'France with one last attack but Ben Te'o crunches Jean marc Doussain. Play brought back for a penalty to France.
78'Louis Picamoles awarded man of the match. He has been magnificent for Les Bleus.
77'Danny Care hustling the French scrum to put them on the back foot. Maxime Machenaud clears his line well under pressure. Another attacking lineout for England though.
76'England rumble towards the France try line but another error brings the attack to an end.
75'Tide has turned in England's favor as they win another penalty which Farrell drills into the France 22.
73'England maul their way inside the French half. France attempt to play from inside their own half but are shepherded into touch.
72'Maro Itoje claims a brilliant restart, demonstrating his full athletic ability there.
72'Substitute on - Yoann Huget , France
72'Player substituted - Remi Lamerat , France
72'Player substituted - Camille Lopez , France
72'Substitute on - Jean-Marc Doussain , France
72'Substitute on - Clément Maynadier , France
72'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , France
72'Player substituted - Sebastien Vahaamahina , France
72'Substitute on - Arthur Iturria , France
72'19-16 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
71'17-16 Try - Ben Te'o , England
70'Finally they make the break through and it's the new man Ben Te'o! What an impact the substitutions have made.
69'England with possession deep inside the France 22. Subs Haskell and Te'o causing problems. Penalty advantage to England who just can't find away over.
69'Player substituted - Jonathan Joseph , England
69'Substitute on - Jack Nowell , England
69'Substitute on - Ben Te'o , England
69'Player substituted - George Ford , England
68'Scrum penalty for England and Farrell sends it into the France 22.
67'It's a cliche, but when they're in the mood, France can beat anyone. Their heads are up and the likes of Picamoles have been causing no end of problems with powerful carries and delicate offloads.
66'Substitute on - Matt Mullan , England
66'Player substituted - Joe Marler , England
66'Substitute on - Danny Care , England
66'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
65'England going seemingly nowhere so George Ford puts boot to ball and finds a wonderful touch. France lineout inside their own 22.
64'More errors from England as they knock on inside the France 22. Guy Noves will be more than happy for the game to remain this scrappy for the remaining 15 minutes.
64'Substitute on - James Haskell , England
64'Player substituted - Joe Launchbury , England
64'Substitute on - Loann Goujon , France
64'Player substituted - Damien Chouly , France
63'England forwards grinding forward now as play is up to the France 22. It's all one out runners though.
61'12-16 Conversion - Camille Lopez , France
60'England go to sleep and France capitalise! The forwards offloading to great effect as Slimani gets in support and goes over.
60'12-14 Try - Rabah Slimani , France
59'France with possession inside the England 22. Picamoles with a strong carry. The visitors are building through the phases now.
57'England take a quick lineout and May makes a half break. Farrell spots space in behind but it trickles out in goal. Scrum on the half-way to France.
57'Substitute on - Maxime Machenaud , France
57'Player substituted - Baptiste Serin , France
56'Nathan Hughes with a huge carry as he smashes through several would be defenders to put England on the front foot.
55'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
55'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
55'12-9 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
54'England launch an attack that takes them deep inside the France 22. dangerous attack that results in a penalty. Hartley points to the posts and England should take the lead for the first time.
51'England looking to get some tempo into the game. They come into the lineout and take it very quickly. Set piece move puts Mike Brown into some space.
50'Jonny May covers back and sets off on a mazey run. Owen Farrell puts in a huge tackle on Louis Picamoles.
48'Huge scrum from France as they earn a penalty.
47'Outstanding defense from England at the maul forces a turnover and scrum 5 metres out. This has been England's best passage all game.
46'Ford delays the pass and puts Farrell into a huge gap before he sends it wide to Daly who looks to get over in the corner. Brilliant cover tackle from Nakaitaci who just got Daly into touch.
46'Player substituted - Uini Atonio , France
46'Substitute on - Rabah Slimani , France
46'Player substituted - Cyril Baille , France
46'Substitute on - Xavier Chiocci , France
45'Jonathan Joseph chips over the french defense but Serin is back and touches the ball down for a 22.
45'Courtney Lawes puts in a crunching tackle to force a turnover. Very much needed as England were under pressure. Brown clears and England earn the penalty.
44'Louis Picamoles is having a memorable night. He's made carry after carry and England can't find a way to stop him on the gainline.
43'Owen Farrell hits the post with what looked to be an easy three points and a chance to put England ahead. Vakatawa counters and immediately puts England on the back foot.
41'France penalised at the scrum for pushing before the ball is in once again.
41'France knoc it on and England have possession. Brown puts in a superb grubber which trickles out just outside the France 22.
41'9-9 End of first half
40'Camille Lopez gets us back underway in the second half.
40'France ran for over 340 metres in the first 40 minutes. Crucially, their 8 offloads have been causing England no end of problems.
40'Vakatawa sets France on the counter before feeding it inside to Scott Spedding. France looking dangerous as Lopez cross field kicks it to Lamerat but brilliant work at the breakdown wins England the penalty.
40'9-9 Start of second half
38'50 metres = no problem for Elliot Daly. The centre come wing steps up and hammers it straight through the middle.
38'9-9 Penalty goal - Elliot Daly , England
37'England awarded a penalty at the scrum after France repeatedly crab forward. Daly with a shot at goal and a chance to level things.
35'England with a scrum just inside the France half and a chance to launch an attack before the half.
34'Harsh penalty against England gives France the opportunity to extend their lead.
31'Another attack fizzles out after Lawes knocks on just as England started to look dangerous. Fair to say this game hasn't matched the intensity and tempo of the Scotland Ireland one earlier.
30'France stop the England maul once again but the home side retain possession and are on the attack inside the French 22.
29'Ben Youngs darts down the short side and feeds Daly who gives it back again before being dragged down on the half-way. England awarded a penalty at the resulting breakdown. Brilliant from Youngs.
28'France eating up the yards as Nakaitaci is dragged into touch dangersouly close to the England try line.
27'First meaningful attack for England but Tom Wood is penalised for going off his feet just as they start going forward.
26'Lamerat is penalised for holding on too long and Farrell kicks England to inside France 22.
26'Free kick to France and Picamoles takes it quickly to set his side on their way.
25'England with an attacking lineout inside the French half. Itoje collects and the maul is set up but it's turned over. Superb defense from France.
23'6-9 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
22'England with slow possession but earn a penalty after the France defender fails to roll away. Jonny May is back on the field.
21'France seemingly running the ball from anywhere.
20'Powerful runners and offloading has put France in control at Twickenham after 20 minutes.
20'3-9 Penalty goal - Camille Lopez , France
19'Baptise Serin puts Picamoles in space down the left hand touchline and the Northampton number 8 bursts through several defenders before Itoje brings him down with a high tackle. Penalty to France.
17'England's lineout falls to pieces as no one goes up and France have a scrum. Fair to say England have been poor so far.
16'Lineout is overthrown and Tom Wood charges towards the French 22. Daly is put into space on the right hand touchline but his chip goes straight into touch.
15'England penalised at the maul for coming in at the side and France have a chance to clear.
14'George Ford is charged down by Elliot Daly cleans it up and puts in a wonderful kick to pin France inside their 22.
13'3-6 Penalty goal - Camille Lopez , France
13'Yellow card - Jonny May , England
12'Legs went just beyond the horizontal and the referee produces a yellow card. France's good start gets even better.
12'Penalty against Jonny May for a dangerous tackle. The TMO is involved to see if it warrants anything more.
10'Scott Spedding collects an up and under and slices through the English defense before being dragged down just outside the 22. Superb break from the French fullback.
10'3-3 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
8'France taking their time to clear the ball and Serin is forced into a hurried clearance. England go through several phases before winning a penalty and a chance to level things.
7'0-3 Penalty goal - Camille Lopez , France
6'Penalty advantage for France gives them a free chance but play is brought back. Strong start from the visitors.
4'Farrell clears a free-kick which is taken quickly by Spedding and France launch an attack just inside the England half.
3'France immediately launch an attack as Vakatawa sucks in two defenders and gets the offload away before Spedding is forced into touch on the England 5 metre line.
2'Early handling error from England gives us our first scrum which takes an eternity.
1'France miss touch with the clearance kick and Nathan Hughes charges it back into the heart of the French pack.
1'The anthems are done and Owen Farrell gets the game underway.
1'The teams are out and we're all set for the anthems.
1'Countdown to kick off at Twickenham, as England get their Six Nations title defense underway against the side they sealed the Grand Slam against in 2016.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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