15Brice Dulin, FB
14Noa Nakaitaci, W
13Remi Lamerat, C
12Gael Fickou, C
11Virimi Vakatawa, W
10Camille Lopez, FH
9Baptiste Serin, SH
1Cyril Baille, P
2Guilhem Guirado, H
3Rabah Slimani, P
4Sebastien Vahaamahina, L
5Yoann Maestri, L
6Fabien Sanconnie, FL
7Kevin Gourdon, FL
8Louis Picamoles, N8
16Camille Chat, R
17Uini Atonio, R
18Eddy Ben Arous, R
19Julien le Devedec, R
20Damien Chouly, R
21Antoine Dupont, R
22Francois Trinh-Duc, R
23Yoann Huget, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Stade de France
10:45 AM, March 18, 2017
Capacity: 78,750

Match Commentary

81'+1918-18 Try - Damien Chouly , France
81'+1Yellow card - Samson Lee , Wales
81'+5Player substituted - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
81'+5Substitute on - Tomas Francis , Wales
81'+16Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
81'+16Substitute on - Nicky Smith , Wales
81'+12Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Wales
81'+12Substitute on - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
81'Player substituted - Uini Atonio , France
81'Substitute on - Rabah Slimani , France
81'+2120-18 End of second half
80'TRY France use the ball and Dupont is within a metre of the line.Chat goes for the line, France over the line. And that is that. 19 minutes of injury time and France tie the game. Lopez convert and France have won. Just shy of the 100 minutes.
80'Another penalty for France.
80'Dupont feeds, penalty advantage, and we get another scrum.
80'No conclusive footage and we go back for the scrum.
80'George North says he has been bitten and we go to the TMO to see if we can see it.
80'Samson Lee is back on the field. This has been a very bizarre final 12 minutes of added time.
80'France use the ball. Noa Nakaitaci races forward. Chat, the hooker replacement takes it on. We have another penalty for France.
80'Another scrum.
80'Another penalty for France. Picamoles takes it quickly and held a metre short. France spread the ball wide and knock the ball on but there is a penalty advantage.
80'We are awaiting a replacement for Lee. Tom Francis back in position and we are ready for the scrum. France win another penalty.
80'Noa Nakaitci brings the ball on. France within metres o the line. Penalty advantage for France. Held up. Wales see Samson Lee yellow carded.
80'Dupont feeds, France drive on. France to within metres of the line.
80'Another reset.
80'+2120-18 Conversion - Camille Lopez , France
79'The scrum goes down. We will have another reset.
79'One last effort for France. The scrum is reset.
79'France go for the scrum.
79'The French forwards are edging closer to the line. Penalty advantage. Wales inch closer and they are held up. Penalty.
78'Fickou breaks and France are inside the Welsh 22. Picamoles takes the ball to within 10 metres of the Welsh line. Lopez brings them to within five metres. Dupont takes it on, three metres out.
78'Substitute on - Julien le Devedec , France
78'Player substituted - Sebastien Vahaamahina , France
77'Dulin makes a break down the left. France back inside the Welsh half. Wales steal the ball, Rhys Webb kicks downfield and the ball goes dead. France scrum on the Welsh 10 metre line.
75'And from the lineout Wales can't make any inroads and France will have the scrum.
73'France's scrum is solid, spread the ball wid eand left and Nakaitaci who can't hold the ball. Wales have the penalty.
72'Wales knock the ball on from the restart by Faletau. Big scrum for France.
72'Substitute on - Antoine Dupont , France
72'Player substituted - Baptiste Serin , France
72'Substitute on - Camille Chat , France
72'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , France
72'Player substituted - Scott Baldwin , Wales
72'Substitute on - Ross Moriarty , Wales
72'13-18 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
70'Faletau makes 10 metres, Warburton carries on. Faletau an dKen Owens takes the ball forward. Biggar takes the ball into contact but Wayne Barnes calls them back for a penalty for a high tackle. Halfpenny will have a shot at goal.
69'Jonathan Davies takes them up to the French 22, Dan Biggar bursts through, before Halfpenny is driven back outside the 22.
68'Wales win the lineout but their maul is stopped. Their forwards inching towards the France 22. Not making any headway at the moment.
67'Serin gathers the restart and Lopez clears to touch just outside the French 22.
67'13-15 Penalty goal - Camille Lopez , France
66'Player substituted - Remi Lamerat , France
66'Substitute on - Francois Trinh-Duc , France
65'Noa Nakaitaci gathers from the restart and France are inside the Wales 22. Guirado, in front of the posts, 10 metres from the line and they get the penalty for offside. Camille Lopez lines up the kick.
65'10-15 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
63'France win the lineout, but referee Wayne Barnes gives the penalty for pulling the player in the lineout. Halfpenny will line up another kick.
62'Liam Williams attacks down the left touchline and kicks through, Brice Dulin gathers and evades Liam Williams and Rhys Webb to bring France back to their 22 before Lopez clears to touch.
60'France really cant make any headway and put into touch and Wales have the lineout.
60'Substitute on - Scott Baldwin , Wales
60'Player substituted - Jake Ball , Wales
60'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Wales
60'Substitute on - Samson Lee , Wales
59'The dreaded Mexican wave goes around the Stade de France.
59'Serin box kicks and Lopez takes it on halfway and a kick through puts Wales on the backfoot, on the Welsh 22.
57'Jonathan Davies kicks through, Dulin takes and runs from his own end zone, passes to Huget. Fickou brings France up to their own 22. Fickou, Lamerat and Nakaitaci brings France up to halfway.
56'France lose the lineout and Wales counter, with Rob Evans taking them over the French 10 metre line.
55'Wales win the lineout and get the mail going but it goes into touch. France get the lineout.
55'Substitute on - Uini Atonio , France
55'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
55'Substitute on - Eddy Ben Arous , France
55'Player substituted - Cyril Baille , France
55'Substitute on - Damien Chouly , France
55'Player substituted - Fabien Sanconnie , France
54'Substitute on - Yoann Huget , France
54'Player substituted - Virimi Vakatawa , France
54'Player substituted - Scott Williams , Wales
54'Substitute on - Jamie Roberts , Wales
54'Player substituted - Ross Moriarty , Wales
54'Substitute on - Taulupe Faletau , Wales
54'10-12 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
53'Noa Nakaitaci gathers from the restart but Wales win the penalty after failure to release the ball at the breakdown.
52'Halfpenny to line up a kick at goal.
52'Player substituted - Alun Wyn Jones , Wales
52'Substitute on - Luke Charteris , Wales
51'The scrum is wheeled around and France are penalised. Penalty Wales.
51'Alun Wyn Jones goes off carrying his left arm, with Sam Warburton to take over the captaincy.
51'Jake Ball is down again, Ross Moriarty hit hard, but hands were used in the tackle. Rhys Webb kicks downfield and Vakatawa knocks on.
50'Scott Williams knocks on, Serin kicks downfield to Halfpenny.
49'Dulin counters and is put in touch. Wales take a quick throw and Jonathan Davies breaks into the France half. Halfpenny breaks through the French 10 metre line.
48'Ken Owens throws on halfway, France win the ball and attack through Vakatawa. Lamerat takes the ball on. Guirado brings France up to their own 10 metre line. Lopez kicks downfield to Liam Williams
46'France go back to the scrum and concede the penalty at the scrum. The crowd are not pleased but Biggar can clear to touch.
45'Serin feeds and France win the penalty.
44'Rhys Webb's clearance is blocked by Guirado and from there France win the penalty for crossing. They take a quick tap, put the ball wide and can't find a killer pass and Wales knock the ball on. Scrum France.
43'The game is held up for a minute as Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones is down receiving attention. France take the lineout and Serin box kicks down to Biggar whose kick downfield is take once again by Dulin in the air. After some kicking back and forth, Lopez kicks to touch.
42'France really struggling to get their own own and gift possession to Wales and LIam Williams breaks down the left touchline and he is put into touch.
41'We are back under way at the Stade de France and Dulin takes a wonderful high ball and Fickou kicks through, into the Welsh 22 and Wales recover possession. Rhys Webb with a box kick and France are back inside their own half.
41'10-9 End of first half
40'France led 10-0 after the quarter hour and indiscipline which cost them against Ireland and England, has brought Wales back into the game.
40'After the restart North releases Moriarty and Wales are back up to the French 22. Wales surrender possession and Serin kicks the ball dead for the end of the half.
40'10-9 Start of second half
40'Player substituted - Francois Trinh-Duc , France
40'Substitute on - Camille Lopez , France
40'10-9 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
38'Wales' scrum is sold, Moriarty gives it to Webb, a kick through isn't gathered by Serin and Wales have it and a penalty advantage, and with no advantage coming, Halfpenny will have a shot at goal.
35'France win the lineout and manage to hold onto possession, but Wales turn the ball over. Poor handling costing France. Halfpenny kicks down to Trinh-Duc who kicks long, far too long and the ball goes dead. Wales will have the scrum on the French 10 metre line.
34'France destroy the Wales scrum and Trinh-Duc puts France back into the Wales 22.
33'Player substituted - Camille Lopez , France
33'Substitute on - Francois Trinh-Duc , France
32'Wales win the lineout but France turn the ball over as North is held up. Scrum for France.
31'Serin gives a lovely offload but Wales turn the ball over and Wales can clear through Halfpenny.
30'Wales win it and Moriarty comes in field, Biggar runs through Camille Lopez who struggles to get back to his feet. France turn the ball over as Gourdon gets away from Ken Owens and Halfpenny gets back to gather a kick through and his kick sets Fickou storming back towards the Wales 22.
28'Vakatawa returns as Lopez restarts. Liam Williams catch, and Wales break out of their own 22 with Jonathan Davies. Webb box kicks, gathered by Dulin and he kicks the ball out on the full. Wales have the lineout on the France 10 metre line.
28'10-6 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
26'Biggar drills the ball across field, beautifully for North who puts it inside for Halfpenny and France turn the ball over. Wales have the ball back after a box kick. Jake Ball breaks into the French half, France offside and Halfpenny points towards the posts.
25'Player substituted - Antoine Dupont , France
25'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
24'Wales gather in the lineout, Webb box kicks and Brice Dulin knocks the ball on. Scrum to Wales on halfway, 10 metres in from the left touchline, as Serin returns from his HIA.
23'France turn the ball over and Dupont box kicks downfield. Dan Biggar puts a huge one up and France can break through Nakaitaci but he is put into touch.
22'France counter through Jonathan Davies and Liam Williams. Sam Warburton breaks through the French 10 metre line.
21'Alun Wyn Jones wins the lineout and Wales maul their way forward, Webb takes it from Ken Owens and Liam Williams bursts down the left touchline. Then they go right and Halfpenny is hit by Lamerat and France turn the ball over and kick down field.
20'10-3 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
19'Yellow card - Virimi Vakatawa , France
19'Substitute on - Antoine Dupont , France
19'Player substituted - Baptiste Serin , France
18'Leigh Halfpenny lines up the penalty from wife right.
18'Vakatawa is sin-binned for a deliberate knock on, but there is no penalty try as it wasn't guaranteed that the try would have been scored.
17'Wales attack from the lineout, spreading the ball wide left and Ken Owens breaks into the French 22. France rip the ball out of the arms, and with a two on one Biggar looks to North and Vakatawa knocks the ball on in the contact.
16'Really poor from France from the restart, Serin manages to gather and Brice Dulin clears from behind his try to touch.
16'10-0 Penalty goal - Camille Lopez , France
14'Camille Lopez surely will slot this over.
14'Penalty concede the penalty at the scrum, with both sides of the scrum collapse.
13'France win the ball from the lineout, spread it left but Picamoles knocks the ball on and gifts possession back to Wales with a scrum.
12'Lopez goes for a run down the blindside, finds Nakaitaci who passes in to Serin but the ball comes loose and Warburton jumps on it. Biggar clears.
12'Another big scrum from France as Picamoles runs straight at Rhys Webb before finding Nakatawa who breaks clear. North does well to tackle the French winger.
11'Webb with a good break down the blindside, passes inside for support to Tipuric who then finds Francis but he loses it. France have a scrum.
10'First scrum, France with a huge drive and Moriarty does well to tidy up. But Wales lose it and France have possession.
8'Another good re-start from Biggar and North does well to disrupt. Serin clears to touch but referee Barnes rules a knock on from France beforehand.
8'Lopez makes no mistake with the conversion.
8'7-0 Conversion - Camille Lopez , France
7'TRY! Lamerat under the posts. Lopez with a lovely little chip kick through and Lamerat beats his midfield partner Fickou to it and scores.
7'5-0 Try - Remi Lamerat , France
6'Guirado fails to find the jumper and Wales get out of jail, although the kick only finds touch 20 meters from their line.
6'France turn down the shot at goal and go for the attacking line-out much to the delight of the home crowd.
5'Picamoles with a typically bruising run through a few defenders before Gourdon makes a decent break out wide. France awarded a penalty for a deliberate knock on.
4'Had the accuracy but Lopez's attempt falls just short.
3'Barnes comes back for the penalty, Warburton the guilty party. Lopez will line up a long shot at goal, roughly 45 metres out in front of the posts.
2'France playing under advantage, Wales caught offside.
2'France give the ball some air as Serin directs the French forwards up over halfway.
1'Wales lose their first line-out of the match, Owens with the overthrow.
1'George North gets a hand to Biggar's re-start but it ends up in the hands of a French player. Lopez clears well.
1'Wayne Barnes is the referee today as Dan Biggar kicks-off!
1'The Welsh anthem is first with Prince William in attendance at Stade de France. Now its time for La Marseillaise, my favourite anthem of the Six Nations.
1'Just before we get underway have a quick browse of the match preview from Killian O'Connor. France haven't beaten Wales at home in the Six Nations since 2011.
1'Welcome in to the second Test of today's offering as France host Wales in Paris with both side's looking for their third win of the tournament.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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