15Alex Goode, FB
14Liam Williams, W
13Marcelo Bosch, C
12Brad Barritt, C
11Sean Maitland, W
10Alex Lozowski, FH
9Richard Wigglesworth, SH
1Richard Barrington, P
2Jamie George, H
3Juan Figallo, P
4Maro Itoje, L
5Dominic Day, L
6Nick Isiekwe, FL
7Schalk Burger, FL
8Jackson Wray, N8
16Schalk Brits, R
17Mako Vunipola, R
18Titi Lamositele, R
19Ben Earl, R
20Blair Cowan, R
21Ben Spencer, R
22Max Malins, R
23Chris Wyles, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: London Stadium
11:00 AM, March 24, 2018

Match Commentary

81'24-11 End of second half
80'The game ends with a lot of pushing and shoving as Liam Williams and Chris Robshaw bring a bit of niggle into the game. Defeats to Leicester and Exeter has been put to bed as Saracens march on to their Champions Cup meeting with Leinster with a win over Harlequins.
79'Brilliant break from Marcus Smith as he makes a 50 metre burst but he's put into touch.
78'24-11 Penalty goal - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
77'It's just that easy for Saracens. They can just waltz down the field and add to their lead.
76'Player substituted - Joe Gray , Harlequins
76'Substitute on - Dave Ward , Harlequins
76'Substitute on - Will Collier , Harlequins
76'Player substituted - Kyle Sinckler , Harlequins
74'Quins go to the lineout time, and time again, and once again they butcher a chance within 10 metres from the Saracens line. Penalised after the lineout and Saracens, down to 14 men, are let off the hook. Chisholm penalised.
71'Quins go left and Marler is put to ground seven metres from the line. Itoje runs out from the line and knocks the ball on as he looks to gather in.
70'Quins win the lineout and Smith goes to Brown who is put down by Maitland.
70'Yellow card - Max Malins , Saracens
69'Max Mallins is shown a yellow card. It has only taken 70 minutes for the referee to set his stall out with indiscipline.
69'Player substituted - Schalk Burger , Saracens
69'Substitute on - Ben Earl , Saracens
67'The kick through is gathered by Alex Goode under pressure from Mike Brown, in the dead ball area, and the referee says someone has called a mark and needs to kick to touch from just behind the posts.
65'Williams goes up in the air with Mike Brown and wins it but then coughs up possession. Quins win the penalty and Smith kicks the penalty to touch on halfway.
64'Substitute on - Max Malins , Saracens
64'Player substituted - Brad Barritt , Saracens
63'Quins really struggling to make any headway here against Saracens. The Sarries defence has been firm today as they continue their fightback from the early Champions Cup exit.
61'Mike Brown makes a break down the left touchline but Saracens turn the ball over, Bosch runs up from outside his own 22 up inside into the Quins half, finds Williams and the return to Bosch doesn't go to hand. Quins look to run it from their own 22. Brilliant rugby.
60'Quins win the penalty after the lineout and they kick once again, this time to halfway.
59'Penalty against Saracens at the scrum and Smith kicks to touch short outside the Quins 22.
58'Brits throws, and the ball goes through the hands, first left and then right. A quick one-two from Spencer and Maitland but the ball is knocked on at the end through Brits after a flick from Barritt. Scrum to Quins.
57'A good minute and a half of scrummaging comes to an end with Saracens winning the penalty. They kick down the line through Lozowski. Sarries have the lineout on the Quins 22.
56'Player substituted - Richard Wigglesworth , Saracens
56'Substitute on - Ben Spencer , Saracens
54'Saracens win a scrum after another mistake by Quins. This time a knock on while Brad Barritt looks quite shaken after putting in a huge hit.
54'21-11 Penalty goal - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
53'Lozowski opts to go for a kick at goal from the penalty won after Marcus Smith is buried inside his own 22 and Saracens can pull away once again.
52'Substitute on - Blair Cowan , Saracens
52'Player substituted - Dominic Day , Saracens
52'Player substituted - Charlie Matthews , Harlequins
52'Substitute on - Mat Luamanu , Harlequins
51'TRY Quins go left, through Care, to Smith and Marchant and Horwill touches down to score. Smith converts.
51'18-11 Try - James Horwill , Harlequins
48'Quins are going through the phases, they have the penalty advantage and Saili kicks through, the ball goes dead and we go back for a scrum 10 metres from the Sarries line.
48'Player substituted - Jamie Roberts , Harlequins
48'Substitute on - Francis Saili , Harlequins
48'Player substituted - Jamie George , Saracens
48'Substitute on - Schalk Brits , Saracens
48'Substitute on - Jack Clifford , Harlequins
48'Player substituted - Luke Wallace , Harlequins
48'Substitute on - Titi Lamositele , Saracens
48'Player substituted - Juan Figallo , Saracens
48'Player substituted - Mark Lambert , Harlequins
48'Substitute on - Joe Marler , Harlequins
48'Player substituted - Richard Barrington , Saracens
48'Substitute on - Mako Vunipola , Saracens
46'Huge chance as Visser hacks clear outside the Quins 22 and he beats Barrington for pace but not Goode who comes back to gather.
45'Saracens putting under huge pressure as they lay siege to the Quins 22. They are inside the 22 after going the hands of Barritt, Williams and Itoje.
43'That was brilliant from Marcus Smith scything through Alex Goode.
43'A brilliant piece of skill by Marcus Smith, jinxing his way through the Sarries defence and his kick through is just taken by Liam Williams who touches down and from the drop out kick downfield.
42'Marcus Smith puts in a chip in behind the Sarries defence and Alex Lozowski goes back to gather and clears.
41'Smith turns down a kick at goal and Quins have the lineout on the edge of the Saracens 22.
41'We are back underway at the Olympic Stadium, as Visser and Marcus Smith opens up Sarries and from nothing, they are up to halfway. Quins win the penalty for not releasing.
41'18-6 End of first half
41'18-6 Penalty goal - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
40'And after turning down a kick at goal and Alex Lozowski keeps the score ticking over with the penalty at the death. It has been a very impressive first half display from McCall's team. They look back to their devastating best.
40'18-6 Start of second half
38'Bosch takes the ball up to the five-metre line. Back to Barrington, Burger and Itoje. They then put the ball left and Goode is taken down. Horwill off his feet and concedes a penalty.
38'Burger, Barrington take it on and Quins somehow turn the ball over. Marchant boot the ball out of play and Sarries take a quick throw and Goode makes a quick burst.
37'Sarries win the lineout and their forward pack look to pick and go around the breakdown. Itoje looks to bring it towards the post. Stopped.
36'Sarries kick to the corner. Really looking to take the game by the scruff of the neck here. Lineout to come from George.
35'Penalty for Saracens and they drive up to the Quins 22, through Barrington. The ball is spread wide and Alex Goode jinx his way through and only stopped by Mike Brown. Wigglesworth directs Sarries to drive on and Sarries win the penalty at the breakdown.
34'And Quins lose the ball. Referee Tom Foley asks both captains, Brad Barritt and James Horwill to have a chat with him, asking both teams to calm down for players speaking to the referee out of turn.
33'Danny Care snipes from the breakdown and Quins are almost on halfway. Roberts takes it on and then Horwill and Quins are up to the 10-metre line of Saracens.
32'Quins now struggling to get out of their 22. The defensive line from Saracens has been impressive.
31'15-6 Try - Maro Itoje , Saracens
30'TRY - Excellent try from Maro Itoje. Saracens go left from the scrum, they are stopped on the 22. The ball goes from Wigglesworth to Itoje who fends off four players to run clear and touch down in the corner.
30'Substitute on - Marcus Smith , Harlequins
30'Player substituted - Demetri Catrakilis , Harlequins
29'Marcus Smith called into action earlier than expected as Demetri Catrakilis is struggling, having had his left thigh heavily bandaged during the last break in play. It now seems to have gotten the better of him.
29'Wigglesworth puts boot to ball and Tim Visser knocks on under some pressure from Liam Williams. Scrum to Saracens.
28'Quins looking to build up a bit of steam, inching forward with Wallace, Sinckler making some gains before Care puts boot to ball and Liam Williams takes and runs the ball back.
28'10-6 Penalty goal - Demetri Catrakilis , Harlequins
27'Quins are back to within four points now, their scrum having brought them back into the game, in which they seemed lacking.
25'Free kick to Quins after another messy scrum and it's booted downfield and Maitland runs it back. Quins turn the ball over but the referee calls a halt to play, having a word with Brad Barritt saying Jamie George needs to calm down at the scrum.
24'10-3 Penalty goal - Demetri Catrakilis , Harlequins
23'Harlequins needs that score to build momentum. Care puts boot to ball and James Horwill and Alex Goode go up for it, it comes back down and Sarries has the put in to the scrum on the Quins 10-metre line.
22'Demetri Catrakilis puts down the kicking tee and Quins should have their first points on the scoreboard.
21'Quins run it back through Care and they win another penalty. Perhaps this time they will have a kick at goal?
21'Sinckler doesn't keep his balance and Saracens win the free kick at the scrum. Quins absolutely woeful inside the Sarries 22.
19'Quins move the ball right and Joe Marchant puts boot to ball and good territory gain as Sarries have a lineout just outside their 22.
18'Very poor lineout and Saracens win and boot clear, Quins kick back and Goode does well to weave his way through before another kick through gives Quins back possession.
17'Penalty Quins as Brad Barritt is penalised for not rolling away.
17'Saracens' defence has Quins back towards halfway. Every time they make a few yards they are driven back. Sinckler runs into Richard Barrington. care edges forward.
15'Quins win the lineout nad the spread the ball left and Roberts finds Visser on halfway and Quins are up to within 10 metres of the Saracens 22.
14'Jackson Wray bursts off the back of the scrum and Wigglesworth box kicks to touch on halfway.
14'Almost a turnover by Danny Care but Sarries escape and Mark McCall's side have the scrum just inside their 22.
12'Quins win the lineout but Danny Care shakes is head as Quins lose the ball and Sarries have the lineout.
11'Quins will kick down the line and kick inside the Saracens 22. Big chance. They need something.
11'10-0 Conversion - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
10'Quins look to break right and they have the penalty advantage which we come back for on halfway.
9'TRY Liam Williams. Immense from Saracens. A brilliantly worked try, Maitland weaves his way through the Quins defence, up to their 22, the ball goes left, Barritt, Bosch and Goode who finds Williams who touched down in the left corner.
9'8-0 Try - Liam Williams , Saracens
8'Some back and forth in the air before Goode kicks to touch just shy of halfway. Lineout to Harlequins.
6'Saracens on the 22, and a quick through from Alex Goode and there is just too much on the ball and Liam Williams can't get to it before it goes dead.
5'A long kick from Lozowski and Visser hopes to let the ball go dead, it doesn't and he is forced to kick and back come Saracens.
5'Marchant left Liam Williams for dead in that last play. Scrum to Sarries.
4'The ball goes back and forth in the air and Brown catches and this time Quins spread wide, through the hands of Roberts and JOE Marchant runs down the left touchline from 10 metres outside his own 22 up to the Sarries 22, before a knock on puts an end to the play.
3'Saracens move the ball after the restart and Wigglesworth puts boot to ball which Mike Brown runs back.
3'3-0 Penalty goal - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
2'Lozowski to line it up from 10 metres right of the posts and Saracens take the lead.
1'Wigglesworth, who started England's defeat to Ireland last week tries to get quick ball, Quins penalised for slowing the ball down and penalty for Saracens in front of the posts.
1'Danny Care doesn't find touch with a kick and back comes Alex Goode running into the Quins defensive line.
1'A sensational venue as the Olympic Stadium welcomes Aviva Premiership rugby. And we are off in London.
1'Welcome to our live coverage of Saracens vs. Harlequins from the Olympic Stadium. After a disappointing Six Nations campaign for England, many players will want to make a statement.
1'0-0 Start of first half