15Rob Kearney, FB
14Keith Earls, W
13Garry Ringrose, C
12Bundee Aki, C
11Jacob Stockdale, W
10Johnny Sexton, FH
9Conor Murray, SH
1Cian Healy, P
2Rory Best, H
3Tadhg Furlong, P
4James Ryan, L
5Devin Toner, L
6Peter O'Mahony, FL
7Dan Leavy, FL
8CJ Stander, N8
16Sean Cronin, R
17Jack McGrath, R
18Andrew Porter, R
19Iain Henderson, R
20Jordi Murphy, R
21Kieran Marmion, R
22Joey Carbery, R
23Jordan Larmour, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Aviva Stadium
9:15 AM, March 10, 2018
Capacity: 51,700

Match Commentary

81'+328-8 End of second half
80'Operation Grand Slam is still on for Ireland. A win that wasn't great, but they did enough and now England need a bonus-point win to keep the Six Nations alive.
79'Earls makes a break. Yes, he's still on. Aki makes a few yards and Ireland on the Scotland 10-metre line. Ireland 10 metres from the Scotland 22. It goes off Wayne Barnes back and Ireland have the scrum.
78'Rob Kearney gets man of the match and the game is gone dead. Atmosphere very odd. Ireland about to win the Six Nations title (maybe) and yet Flower of Scotland rings around the stadium.
77'Scotland still have it but lose it forward and Joey Carbery kicks to touch.
75'Marmion box kicks and Scotland run the ball back. Kinghorn brings them to within eight metres of the Ireland 22. Almost another intercept try for Stockdale.
75'Scotland go right and Hogg fends off about three players and then gives the ball to Aki.
75'Substitute on - Jordan Larmour , Ireland
75'Player substituted - Rob Kearney , Ireland
74'Denton and Watson make some metres. They are five metres from the line. Swinson goes for the line and knocks the ball on. It is the story of Scotland's game.
73'Scotland win the lineout and Ringrose smashes Horne. Scotland still have it. But they are going sideways and not forward.
73'Player substituted - Pete Horne , Scotland
73'Substitute on - Nick Grigg , Scotland
73'Substitute on - Joey Carbery , Ireland
73'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
72'CJ Stander lifts a leg and Scotland have the penalty. They kick to the corner.
71'Scrum following the restart and Hogg boots the ball into touch. Scotland win the lineout and the maul gets going. The crowd is silent again.
71'Player substituted - Jonny Gray , Scotland
71'Substitute on - Tim Swinson , Scotland
71'Player substituted - Conor Murray , Ireland
71'Substitute on - Kieran Marmion , Ireland
71'28-8 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
69'26-8 Try - Sean Cronin , Ireland
68'TRY Cronin secures the bonus-point try. Stander takes in the lineout, the maul gets going and the drives over. Cronin at the back of it does a Chris Ashton swan-dive to get the five points for Ireland.
67'The crowd has gone a bit dead as Ireland win a penalty. But Sexton gets them liven up as he kicks to the corner.
67'Player substituted - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
67'Substitute on - Ali Price , Scotland
66'Player substituted - Rory Best , Ireland
66'Substitute on - Sean Cronin , Ireland
65'Sexton misses the kick and Scotland with the 22 drop out.
64'Ireland making some work of getting this final try. Jack McGrath is held up and Andrew Porter takes it on. Ireland with a penalty and Sexton points to the sticks.
62'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Ireland
62'Substitute on - Andrew Porter , Ireland
61'And just when Scotland get some space and work it up. Sexton misses touch from the penalty.
61'Scotland win the lineout and spread the ball wide and Hogg takes it up to halfway.
60'Not so solid scrum but Ireland still have the ball. Ringrose is put to ground, doesn't come back and Scotland win the penalty.
60'Substitute on - Fraser Brown , Scotland
60'Player substituted - Stuart McInally , Scotland
59'The ball is held short and we go to the scrum five metres from the Scottish line.
58'Ringrose makes a break and Ireland are in the Scotland 22. Sexton brings them to within five metres of the line. Kearney is put to ground by Huw Jones.
56'Jacob Stockdale by the way is Ireland's highest try-scorer in a single Six Nations campaign. Immense, at just 21.
55'Ireland now in search of a bonus-point try. Surely they have the time to do it.
55'Player substituted - Gordon Reid , Scotland
55'Substitute on - Jamie Bhatti , Scotland
55'Player substituted - Peter O'Mahony , Ireland
55'Substitute on - Jordi Murphy , Ireland
55'Player substituted - Simon Berghan , Scotland
55'Substitute on - Willem Nel , Scotland
55'Substitute on - Iain Henderson , Ireland
55'Player substituted - Devin Toner , Ireland
54'Scotland are absolutely muck in the final pass. Horne goes sprinting through and with Huw Jones rushing up just on his shoulder, Horne fires it wide towards Kinghorn and again it is not to hand and goes into touch.
53'Sexton puts boot to ball and Russell gathers under no pressure and Maitland goes off on a run.
52'Horne gathers from the restart and Scotland look to run from inside their own 22.
52'21-8 Try - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
51'TRY Blair Kinghorn. The ball goes wide from the scrum Laidlaw Russell, Hogg, Maitland and Kinghorn, the Irish defence rush up and Kinghorn touches down in the corner under pressure from Ringrose.
51'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Ireland
51'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Ireland
50'We come back for the scrum under the posts for Scotland. Can they get back into this game?
50'Unbelievable from Scotland. Another try opportunity for Scotland wasted. Maitland gives it to Hogg and Hogg with Kinghorn outside him and an open tryline ahead puts it into touch.
49'Scotland win the ball back and with the penalty kick into the Irish 22. Lineout to come.
48'From the restart Murray box kicks to touch midway through the Ireland half. Ryan stolen by Ryan and Furlong takes it on. The ball goes to Kearney and he is stopped.
47'21-3 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
46'19-3 Try - Conor Murray , Ireland
45'TRY Taken by Ryan in the lineout and Murray snipes in and touches down. A bonus point try there for Ireland.
44'Murray feeds, go right to Ringrose, who brings it 10 metres from the Scotland line. Ireland rolling forward. Furlong and Leavy but they have just gone left. Horne and Denton in at the breakdown, illegally and Ireland get the penalty. Sexton kicks to the corner. Can they win the lineout this time around?
42'Ireland gather in the lineout and makes few metres. Cian Healy takes it on. Sexton kicks high, Kearney goes up with him, and both come down with the ball. Aki gets in to help out and Ireland win the scrum on the Scotland 22.
41'And O'Mahony gets up to his feet as Sexton nails it into the Scotland 22. Best to throw.
41'And we are back under way and Ireland win the first penalty of the half after a Kinghorn brreak. Peter O'Mahony down injured at the moment after tackling him.
41'+214-3 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
41'+112-3 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
41'+314-3 End of first half
40'TRY Jacob Stockdale gets his second try of the game. 10 tries in 8 games. Take a bow the incredible youngster. Ringrose wrap around with Aki, and Ringrose then puts Stockdale in for the easiest of tries.
40'14-3 Start of second half
39'Ireland attack throw Best, the ball goes left and Ringrose just pushes it on to Aki who finds Rob kearney, Kearney in turn finds Murray. Murray is stopped short. Aki takes and goes and is held up over the line. Huge scrum.
38'Ireland scrum is solid and clear to touch just short of halfway. Lineout Scotland taken by Ryan at the back for Ireland.
37'Scotland take control of the scrum and get inside the Irish 22 and it will be a scrum for Joe Schmidt's team.
37'Player substituted - Lee Jones , Scotland
37'Substitute on - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
36'Healy continues after having a quick look while Kinghorn returns from his HIA. Perhaps Cian Healy could have gone for one.
36'The game is still ongoing and Healy who looked very unsteady on his feet carries on. Ryan takes it forward and losses the ball forward.
35'Hogg carries and put to ground by Healy who is left holding is head on the ground. The ball goes left and the doctors leave the pitch and Healy gets back involved. Looks extremely groggy.
34'Scotland go left through Hogg, Horne and Maitland. Scotland are over the Irish 10 metre line. Russell goes to Denton and then Hogg finds Maitland and then Gilchrist takes it on.
32'Ireland kick to touch from the penalty and win the lineout. The maul gets up to halfway. Keith Earls runs into Murray on halfway and Scotland have the scrum.
31'Scotland don't contest the lineout and Stander takes the ball. Ireland win the penalty at the breakdown with Bergin penalised for not rolling away.
30'Kearney kicks to touch but Scotland quick throw gets them going and Peter Horne kicks in behind the irish defence and it is a lineout to Ireland five metres from their own line.
29'Kinghorn meanwhile becomes the second Scottish player to go off for a HIA and Lee Jones comes on to replace him. Scotland need something before the break.
29'Player substituted - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
29'Substitute on - Lee Jones , Scotland
28'Hogg looks up, disgusted, it should have been a try. It was there on the plate for Scotland and they made an absolute mess of it.
28'Scotland make a huge break, through Huw Jones and with Stuart Hogg inside, and a clear run into the line, and his pass doesn't go to hand and Hogg has to stumble to take possession. Eventually Ireland win the penalty.
27'And just when Ireland get in good areas, Hamish Watson manages to win the penalty. Hogg kicks downfield but doesn't find touch. Some kicks back and forth before Hogg finds touch on the Irish 22.
25'Garry Ringrose master class in running. Ireland went left from the scrum, then back right to Ringrose, who made a 40 metre break, beating two defenders before being put to ground. Ireland on the Scotland 22.
24'Ryan Wilson, by the way, won't be returning having fialed his HIA. Scotland win the lineout and spread the ball left. Scotland midway through the Irish half but knock on. Scrum Ireland.
24'7-3 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
23'Sexton converts and only another three tries for Ireland to put the pressure firmly on England with a bonus-point win.
22'5-3 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
21'TRY Disaster for Scotland. Peter Horne throwing a huge pass wide, Jacob Stockdale picks it off and runs in for his ninth try in eight games. Immense.
21'Sexton kicks through and Hogg gathers, has a snipe and finds Kinghorn with a superb pass. They go left and Hamish Watson is put down.
20'Ireland win the lineout this time and Devin Toner charges through the middle up to the Irish 10 metre line. Ireland go wide, missing out passes each time before getting to Earls. Healy on halfway, put to ground by a double tackle.
19'Sexton kicks on and gathers, finds Murray who gets Ireland up to over the Scottish 10 metre line. Scotland regroup and Sexton kicks through but gathered by Maitland. He calls for the mark and Scotland clear.
18'Substitute on - David Denton , Scotland
18'Player substituted - Ryan Wilson , Scotland
17'Sexton kicks to halfway from the penalty inside his own 22. Best throws and the Scotland gain possession. It has been an appalling first quarter. Neither team seem to have the ability to make much of an impact.
17'Scotland just about keep possession with Kinghorn just about holds on, the ball goes back left and Scotland are penalised for holding on. A head injury sees some pause in the game as Ryan Wilson goes off for a HIA.
16'Scotland wide and Wilson's deft hands puts Kinghorn away down the left touchline. Scotland inside the Irish 22 for the first time looking dangerously. Gray, Jones and Gray once more takes it on.
15'Keith Earls throws a wild pass and goes into touch. Scotland lineout to come.
14'A bit of kicking back and forth sees Hogg gather a Sexton kick outside his 22. Hogg hits it long, huge kick from 10 metres from his own line, Earls goes to catch it and Ireland get the lineout 5 metres from the 10 metre line.
13'The restart is gathered by Barclay and shouts of "Let it go, Let it go" by Barnes rings around the breakdown.
13'0-3 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
11'Ireland win the lineout off the Scotland throw but they are back in their own 22 and Ireland are penalised. Aki threw to Sexton who cant gather, the ball goes back and Earls takes but is put to ground and Scotland win the penalty. Laidlaw to kick at goal.
9'And Scotland get the penalty at the breakdown after holding on and they clear to touch.
8'Ireland inside the 22 and still the Scottish defence holds firm.
7'Barnes has a chat with the forwards, Laidlaw feeds and Scotland try to run it before they clear it. A huge kick is put up and once again Kearney doesn't gather but Ireland get the ball through a knock on. They march on towards the Scotland 22.
7'They go back back left and Johnny Sexton flicks the ball on and it is forward. Scrum Scotland on their own 22.
6'Ireland inching forward through the fit again Furlong. Murray finds Kearney who is put to ground on the left touchline.
6'And Ireland cough up possession at the lineout and Laidlaw clears to Stockdale.
4'With a penalty advantage, Sexton cross kicks and Earls goes up to gather and knocks on. We will go back for the penalty and Sexton kicks to the corner.
3'Stuart Hogg kicks, Johnny Sexton returns it and Rob Kearney chases. He contests with Finn Russell, who gathers but knocks on. Scrum Ireland.
2'Murray takes and kicks through, Keith Earls chases and Sean Maitland gets back inside his 22 to take and Scotland get their defense sorted.
1'Keith Earls gathers in his 22 and hammers the ball out of play near halfway. Scotland win the lineout but scrum Ireland after they interrupt the Scottish maul.
1'The flag hung over the crossbar earlier.
1'Anthem are done. The smoke has cleared, Wayne Barnes takes centre of attention and Finn Russell nails it into the Irish 22.
1'Battle lines drawn. A sign of their intent, the Scotland team hung their flag over the crossbar as they were warming up.
1'A sigh of relief when Ian Keatley trotted off with the rest of the back up players and we are ready for the Irish president to meet the players.
1'A sight that will not be welcome by Irish fans is Ian keatley, not part of the traveling squad, has been out kicking with questions surrounding Johnny Sexton's fitness.
1'Welcome to ESPN's live coverage of Ireland vs. Scotland with Joe Schdmit's side potentially in with a chance of clinching the Six Nations should England not match their result.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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