15Lasha Khmaladze, FB
14Zura Dzneladze, W
13Giorgi Kveseladze, C
12Lasha Malaguradze, C
11Alexander Todua, W
10Tedo Abzhandadze, FH
9Gela Aprasidze, SH
1Guram Gogichashvili, P
2Jaba Bregvadze, H
3Levan Chilachava, P
4Lasha Lomidze, L
5Kote Mikautadze, L
6Shalva Sutiashvili, FL
7Beka Saghinadze, FL
8Otar Giorgadze, N8
16Vano Karkadze, R
17Beka Gigashvili, R
18Giorgi Melikidze, R
19Mamuka Gorgodze, R
20Beka Gorgadze, R
21Vasil Lobzhanidze, R
22Merab Sharikadze, R
23Soso Matiashvili, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
1:15 AM, September 29, 2019

Match Commentary

81'+133-7 End of second half
79'The match comes to an end with Uruguay putting the ball through hands in the Georgian half, but the Lelos will not have their defence broken for a second time. Uruguay lose the ball in contact, and the final whistle blows.
78'Player substituted - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
78'Substitute on - German Kessler , Uruguay
78'Player substituted - Shalva Sutiashvili , Georgia
78'Substitute on - Beka Gorgadze , Georgia
78'Red card - Facundo Gattas , Uruguay
77'Facundo Gattas is sent off for a high tackle. Referee Wayne Barnes describes it as "significant contact with the head, with no mitigation".
75'Georgia complete more phases, with a couple of quick tap penalties. They make ground through the forwards but Uruguay will not be breached and Manuel Ardao effects a turnover with his boots all but on his own try line. Tremendous resilience from Uruguay.
73'Georgia now attacking in waves, and Uruguay are struggling to hold them out as they keep recycling the ball. But hold them out, they do. Tremendous scrambling defence from Uruguay.
73'Substitute on - Nicolas Freitas , Uruguay
73'Player substituted - Santiago Arata , Uruguay
73'Substitute on - Soso Matiashvili , Georgia
73'Player substituted - Lasha Khmaladze , Georgia
69'Georgia produce another strong lineout drive from the 22, but Tedo Abzhandadze chooses the wrong option with a grubber and the opportunity goes by as Uruguay touch down and then clear their lines with a dropout.
68'Player substituted - Gela Aprasidze , Georgia
68'Substitute on - Vasil Lobzhanidze , Georgia
65'Player substituted - Jaba Bregvadze , Georgia
65'Substitute on - Vano Karkadze , Georgia
64'Swift thinking from Tedo Abzhandadze, who launches a quick crossfield kick from the penalty. Zura Dzneladze collects the ball and seems certain to score but Santiago Arata does amazingly well to get across and dislodge the ball in his covering tackle. Great play all round.
64'Player substituted - Nicolas Freitas , Uruguay
64'Substitute on - Agustín Ormaechea , Uruguay
64'Player substituted - Ignacio Dotti , Uruguay
64'Substitute on - Diego Magno , Uruguay
62'Uruguay just about get the ball away from a backpedalling scrum, but they concede a penalty for a high tackle after Felipe Berchesi spills a poor pass from Santiago Arata.
60'Uruguay attack after a break from Leandro Leivas, but it comes to nothing with Zura Dzneladze stealing the ball at a ruck on the attackers' left wing. We have another water break.
60'Substitute on - Juan Echeverria , Uruguay
60'Player substituted - German Kessler , Uruguay
60'Substitute on - Manuel Ardao , Uruguay
60'Player substituted - Juan Manuel Gaminara , Uruguay
60'Player substituted - Santiago Civetta , Uruguay
60'Substitute on - Juan Diego Ormaechea , Uruguay
60'Player substituted - Lasha Malaguradze , Georgia
60'Substitute on - Merab Sharikadze , Georgia
60'Player substituted - Kote Mikautadze , Georgia
60'Substitute on - Mamuka Gorgodze , Georgia
59'33-7 Conversion - Tedo Abzhandadze , Georgia
58'Kick behind in attack from Jaba Bregvadze. Poor decision, but the chase means it's a good kick. Rodrigo Silva collects the ball but he has no teammates with him at the ruck and Giorgi Kveseladze has a simple task to pick the ball and touch down. This is becoming a rout, with Georgia now looking accomplished and Uruguay resembling a rabble.
58'31-7 Try - Giorgi Kveseladze , Georgia
56'Swift first-phase attack from Georgia, putting the ball through hands from a lineout before a little kick behind from Lasha Khmaladze. Nicolas Freita defuses the attack, but Georgia are playing with supreme confidence.
54'Rodrigo Silva has been a star for Uruguay. He gave the final pass for the try in the first half, and now he's collected a high ball in sensational fashion before carving a swathe through the Georgian defence. Uruguay unable to capitalise on the break, but that was sensational play from the left winger.
53'26-7 Conversion - Tedo Abzhandadze , Georgia
52'24-7 Try - Jaba Bregvadze , Georgia
51'Georgia kick the penalty to set up another lineout, and, playing to their strengths, Jaba Bregvadze scores from a driving maul.
50'Georgia attacking under penalty advantage, but Giorgi Kveseladze spills a pass inside from Zura Dzneladze with a free run to the line, and the chance goes begging. Swift backline move from Georgia.
49'A little lull in the game, but a couple of penalties have allowed Tedo Abzhandadze to kick Georgia inside the Uruguay 22.
49'Player substituted - Levan Chilachava , Georgia
49'Substitute on - Giorgi Melikidze , Georgia
47'Substitute on - Facundo Gattas , Uruguay
47'Player substituted - Mateo Sanguinetti , Uruguay
47'Substitute on - Diego Arbelo , Uruguay
47'Player substituted - Juan Pedro Rombys Aguzzi , Uruguay
44'19-7 Conversion - Tedo Abzhandadze , Georgia
43'Uruguay persisting with tactical box kicks from Santiago Arata, but they're just kicking away possession. Must look to produce something different if they are to trouble Georgia.
43'Powerful scrum from Georgia, and Levan Chilachava touches down from a drive after a couple of pick-and-goes. Solid and powerful forward play from Georgia, with Uruguay simply unable to resist.
43'17-7 Try - Levan Chilachava , Georgia
42'Powerful run in midfield from Lasha Malaguradze, and Tedo Abzhandadze chips the ball into space behind the Uruguay line. Rodrigo Silva collectsthe bouncing ball but he takes it over the line and we have a Georgian 5m scrum.
41'We're back under way with Tedo Abzhandadze restarting. Georgia will look to do exactly the same as in the first half, but Uruguay need to do more in the second 40 if they are to claim the second victory that will see them qualify automatically for Rugby World Cup 2023.
41'Substitute on - Leandro Leivas Ballestrino , Uruguay
41'Player substituted - Gaston Mieres , Uruguay
41'12-7 End of first half
40'Georgia put the ball through phases from the lineout, but a forward pass means the move comes to naught. Wayne Barnes blows the whistle and it's halftime. Georgia the better team in the first half, without claiming full reward.
40'12-7 Start of second half
38'Georgia on the attack after Giorgi Kveseladze collects an up and under in sensational fashion. The Europeans break left and they have a lineout on the Uruguay 22.
34'12-7 Conversion - Felipe Berchesi , Uruguay
33'12-5 Try - Andres Vilaseca , Uruguay
32'Andres Vilaseca scores for Uruguay, the centre crossing in first phase from a lineout. Ignacio Dotti wins the set-piece and Santiago Arata feeds his backs. Nice passing with an inside ball, and the centre running a support line collects the final pass to cross unopposed.
30'Powerful scrum from Georgia. Uruguay do well initially but Georgia apply a second shove and Otari Giorgadze scores under the posts.
30'12-0 Conversion - Tedo Abzhandadze , Georgia
30'10-0 Try - Otar Giorgadze , Georgia
27'Georgia drive again, and they go towards the line but are stopped illegally again. Georgia elect now to take a midfield scrum under the posts. Uruguay concede another penalty, at the scrum, and referee Wayne Barnes warns Uruguay that he "might have to send someone to the sin-bin".
26'Georgia organise a lineout drive that Uruguay do well initially to stop, but they then do so illegally. Georgia elect for another lineout from the penalty.
25'Uruguay steal another lineout, through Manuel Leindekar, but the set-piece was outside the 22. Uruguay kicked directly to touch from the tap back so Georgia have a scrum in an attacking position.
23'The game is lacking a pattern at the moment, despite Georgia's early dominance. Neither side in the ascendance at the minute. Georgia, in particular, will be disappointed given they have a dominant pack.
21'Uruguay steal a Georgia lineout and get over the advantage line in first phase, but then they knock on in midfield as Alejandro Nieto collides with Felipe Berchesi as the flyhalf prepares to kick the ball.
20'Uruguay struggling to get go-forward against their dominant rivals up front. Now we have the first water break of the tournament, introduced to combat the heat in Kumagaya.
16'Uruguay playing to this point like a tired side that played just four days ago, but Juan Rombys powers through the Georgian defence and the Lelos do well to stop the breakout.
14'Beka Saginadze collects a lineout and Georgia set up a driving maul that Uruguay do well to stop. Georgia put phases together but then commit an offence at the breakdown with the tryline beckoning.
13'Georgia have dominated to this point, with their forwards, and the scrum, in particular, causing Uruguay problems.
13'Apologies for the slow level of commentary to this point. Technical issues, but we're up and running now.
9'5-0 Try - Alexander Todua , Georgia
8'Georgia have opened the scoring after a period of sustained pressure. Two cutout passes and Alexander Todua scores his 12th Test try.
1'And we're under way with Uruguay kicking off.
1'Hello everyone. Welcome to our live text commentary of the Rugby World Cup pool match between Georgia and Uruguay, who caused a major shock when they defeated Fiji in their opening fixture.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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