15Anthony Bouthier, FB
14Teddy Thomas, W
13Arthur Vincent, C
12Gael Fickou, C
11Vincent Rattez, W
10Romain Ntamack, FH
9Antoine Dupont, SH
1Cyril Baille, P
2Julien Marchand, H
3Mohamed Haouas, P
4Bernard le Roux, L
5Paul Willemse, L
6Francois Cros, FL
7Charles Ollivon, FL
8Gregory Alldritt, N8
16Peato Mauvaka, R
17Jefferson Poirot, R
18Demba Bamba, R
19Romain Taofifenua, R
20Boris Palu, R
21Cameron Woki, R
22Baptiste Serin, R
23Matthieu Jalibert, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Stade de France
10:00 AM, February 9, 2020
Capacity: 78,750

Match Commentary

81'35-22 End of second half
80'And that's it for Round 2 of the 2020 Six Nations. France lead the championship but only on points difference with Ireland hot on their heels. Next weekend is a rest week but keep an eye on ESPN over the next while for all the latest injury and team news.
80'France stay on course with that win but bigger challenges lie ahead for Les Bleus including Wales in two weeks. Fabien Galthie will no doubt want to sure up the France defence after several lapses in concentration leave Italy heading back to Rome wondering if they could have squeaked a few more tries.
80'However, there's no time left as the ball is kicked out (surprisingly by Italy) after the restart and the referee blows the final whistle.
80'35-22 Try - Mattia Bellini , Italy
79'Italy opt to take the conversion quickly in the hope that they can have another bite at the apple.
79'Some great passing sees Mattia Bellini score a consolation try for Italy.
78'No sign of tired legs from Anthony Bouthier there as he runs the length of the pitch to track down a searching kick. However, he doesn't make it quite on time and Italy clear.
77'France are now down to 14 men as Rattez goes off injured. Galthie has already used all his substitutes.
77'Substitute on - Federico Ruzza , Italy
77'Player substituted - Dean Budd , Italy
76'France nearly away for another try. The ball was worked through the team to Vincent Rattez who excellently controlled before being brought down.
75'Not bad from Serin who was only on the pitch two minutes when he scored.
75'Substitute on - Giulio Bisegni , Italy
75'Player substituted - Tommaso Allan , Italy
75'35-17 Conversion - Matthieu Jalibert , France
74'Italy completely turned off there and Baptiste Serin takes advantage. The referee awards France a penalty on the halfway line which Serin opts to take quickly. The Toulon player dodges and dives all the way to the try line.
74'33-17 Try - Baptiste Serin , France
72'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
72'Player substituted - Antoine Dupont , France
71'Just like that we're down the other end of the pitch. A loose ball gets booted down the pitch and Italy are suddenly under pressure. A France high tackle, however, means Italy can breathe and clear the ball.
70'Italy don't manage to secure the same momentum they did for their last try and France drive them back a few metres. They're still holding onto the ball though.
70'It's ANOTHER penalty to Italy.
70'Substitute on - Matthieu Jalibert , France
70'Player substituted - Romain Ntamack , France
70'Substitute on - Boris Palu , France
70'Player substituted - Bernard le Roux , France
67'Hard to know if we're seeing the youth affect in France's second half performance or it's just the classic self-destruction we've come to expect from Les Bleus. They're still well ahead but Italy have played all the rugby. In saying that, the second half went much the same against England last week and they held on then.
66'28-17 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
65'And Federico Zani gets over the line for Italy's second try! Italy win the lineout and are awarded the advantage pretty much immediately. The visitors don't need it though and after a few pick and go's Zani takes the ball and tips it at the bottom of the right post.
65'28-15 Try - Federico Zani , Italy
63'France are penalised for standing in the scrum. Referee plays advantage but Italy don't make it far and he calls play back for the penalty. Tommaso Allan kicks for the corner.
61'That last try means that France have secured the bonus point.
61'Player substituted - Callum Braley , Italy
61'Substitute on - Guglielmo Palazzani , Italy
61'Player substituted - Francois Cros , France
61'Substitute on - Cameron Woki , France
61'Substitute on - Peato Mauvaka , France
61'Player substituted - Julien Marchand , France
61'Substitute on - Jimmy Tuivaiti , Italy
61'Player substituted - Jake Polledri , Italy
61'Player substituted - Luca Bigi , Italy
61'Substitute on - Federico Zani , Italy
60'Well, it looks like I spoke too soon as Ntamack misses the conversion. Can't blame the wind this half...
59'28-10 Try - Romain Ntamack , France
58'Romain Ntamack kicks for territory and it pays off. France secure the lineout and Ntamack slices his way through the Italian defence in a training ground move. Ntamack makes his own life easier by scoring underneath the posts.
58'Player substituted - Mohamed Haouas , France
58'Substitute on - Demba Bamba , France
58'Substitute on - Jefferson Poirot , France
58'Player substituted - Cyril Baille , France
57'After an enjoyable run of phases from Italy they once again lose the ball forward to France. They clear and Italy are penalised for holding the ball on the ground.
55'Already seeing the effects of the wind on Italy. Tommaso Allan, who has been striking the ball beautifully all afternoon, fails with his first penalty attempt into the wind.
53'France comfortably deal with the lineout. There are a few boos from the crowd about a possible late tackle on Antoine Dupont but the referee waves play on.
52'Julien Marchand overthrows the lineout and Italy collect. A superb kick from Jayden Hayward brings both teams deep into France's half.
52'Player substituted - Sebastian Negri , Italy
52'Substitute on - Giovanni Licata , Italy
52'Player substituted - Giosue Zilocchi , Italy
52'Substitute on - Marco Riccioni , Italy
52'Substitute on - Danilo Fischetti , Italy
52'Player substituted - Andrea Lovotti , Italy
50'Nothing comes of the France advantage and Italy secure the turnover. Once again they seem happy to play through the phases.
48'Referee has indicated that Italy have given away another penalty. France are playing through the advantage.
46'Another solid scrum but after a few phases Italy are punished for not rolling away. Romain Ntamack opts to kick for the corner.
44'Matteo Minozzi knocks the ball despite no looming France pressure and France win the half's first scrum.
44'Player substituted - Paul Willemse , France
44'Substitute on - Romain Taofifenua , France
43'Italy turn the ball over and run the ball into the French 22. Mattia Bellini tries to run it down the right side but Anthony Bouthier pulls him into touch.
42'First lineout of the half goes to France who take it cleanly and kick it right down the pitch. Jayden Hayward returns the kick and France have another lineout just inside the Italian half.
41'Italy will be kicking into the wind this half so it will be interesting to see if this makes any difference to Tommaso Allan's record.
41'23-10 End of first half
40'We're back underway at the Stade de France as Italy cleanly receive the kick-off.
40'It hasn't been a clean half by any standard for France. Their three tries so far were easily won but they looked unsteady in defence the few times Italy did make it into their half. A few less unforced errors from Italy and there could be a different look to the score.
40'23-10 Start of second half
40'23-10 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
39'21-10 Try - Gregory Alldritt , France
38'Anything but a clean lineout from France there but it doesn't matter as Gregory Alldritt takes the ball over the line.
37'Lucky escape for France there. Attacking the Italy line before a rogue pass sets them back several metres. However, Mattia Bellini is adjudged to be offside. They get the advantage and kick for the corner.
34'Penalties are really hurting Italy. After eight phases they're penalised for holding and France are given the opportunity to clear.
33'Italy have shown a glimpses of nice play while in attack. Quick soft hands down the right side results in a scrum which they quickly send out wide.
32'16-10 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
30'Another silly penality given away by Italy for diving in off their feet right in front of the posts.
29'13-10 Penalty goal - Tommaso Allan , Italy
27'Italy are awarded a penalty against Gael Fickou for obstruction. Seemed an unnecessary one to give away. Tommaso Allan has chosen to kick for goal from 35m out.
26'13-7 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
25'Tommaso Allan slices the posts with that conversion. No hint of the wind sending it sideways.
24'Brilliant score from Italy there and totally against the run of play so far. Luca Morisi gets a poor offload away but it is picked up by Jake Polledri and quickly passed to Matteo Minozzi who storms it into the corner.
24'13-5 Try - Matteo Minozzi , Italy
22'Solid scrum from both sides there. Callum Braley feeds and it is quickly returned to him.
21'Italy finally make it into the France half and Luca Morisi forces a knock on. Time for our first scrum of the day just outside the France 22.
18'For the second time Romain Ntamack fails to convert. This time accuracy is not the problem but distance as the ball swirls in the air before hitting the bottom post.
18'13-0 Try - Charles Ollivon , France
17'No need for the penalty advantage it would seem! France captain Charles Ollivon takes the ball from the base of the ruck and sneaks over the line for France's second try.
16'Romain Ntamack is held up just inches from the line but France have a penalty advantage.
15'Excellent dummy from Antoine Dupont down the left gives France plenty of room to run free. A quick pass to Francois Cros and suddenly France are back to within five metres of another try.
11'Perhaps unsurprisingly, this game has been all France with Italy conceding several penalties due to unforced errors.
8'Kicking is going to be difficult today with a swirling wind in the Stade de France. Despite securing the first penalty, Ntamack fails to convert.
7'8-0 Try - Teddy Thomas , France
6'Our first try of the daycomes after just six minutes. Romain Ntakmack places a quick grubber kick behind the Italy defence and Teddy Tomas touches down.
5'Scrappy few minutes. Tommaso Allan boots the ball up the field but it is quickly returned by France. Italy fumble and it results in a France lineout.
3'Early pressure from France is rewarded. An Italian high tackle in front of the posts earns Les Bleus a penalty which Romain Ntamack dutifully converts.
3'3-0 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
1'And we're underway!
1'Italy have also made just two changes with Jayden Haward brought in at fullback. Alessandro Zanni was injured in the warm-up and was replaced by Dean Budd.
1'Newly appointed France coach Fabien Galthie has made just one change to the side that beat England a week ago. Arthur Vincent comes into the side to replace injured Virimi Vakatawa. This will be Vicent's first start after he came off the bench against England.
1'A quick recap of where we stand after this weekend's action so far. Ireland beat Wales 24-14 in Dublin on Saturday to claim top spot in the Championship. The early arrival of Storm Ciara made Scotland vs. England a dirty affair but the World Cup finalists held on to win 6-13.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of today's Six Nations clash between France and Italy. Kick-off is in 15 minutes.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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