Australia better option for Super Rugby Pasifika team: PRP union

New Zealand Rugby's decision to delay a Pacific islands entry into Super Rugby Aotearoa next year was just the latest in a history of the Pasifika nations being "shafted", the head of the Pacific Rugby Players (PRP) union has said.

NZR said last week that despite their hopes to include a Pasifika team there were concerns about player depth and financial viability from syndicates that had expressed interest in joining the competition next year.

"I think our default is that New Zealand Rugby is the Pacific's kindest neighbours," PRP Chief Executive Aayden Clarke told Reuters in a telephone interview on Monday.

"But if you unpack it a little bit and look at the history of the decisions made, quite possibly not.

"If you look at the facts, they (Pacific nations) have been shafted by New Zealand Rugby every time."

Clarke added that it might now be more beneficial for Fiji, Samoa and Tonga to look to Australia, with there being a seemingly greater willingness from Rugby Australia to accommodate them.

"I think the attitude is just a bit different," he said, pointing to the Fijian Drua playing in Australia's third-tier National Rugby Championship.

"A lot of it comes back to the attitude of whether you want to make it happen. Or not to."

Clarke added that a Pasifika team based in western Sydney also probably made more sense, with a larger player catchment area and fan base and better commercial opportunities.

"The thing is, with COVID, it has presented us with some terrible outcomes but also given us the chance for some innovation and to adapt," Clarke added, referring to the coronavirus crisis.

"New Zealand Rugby have been given a free licence to do that for next year ... so I was thinking, 'If not now, then when?'"