Mou'nga likely to go to Japan after 2023 World Cup

Richie Mo'unga is likely to leave New Zealand to play rugby in Japan after next year's World Cup in France, the All Blacks flyhalf told the New Zealand Herald on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old, who vies with twice World Player of the Year Beauden Barrett for the black number 10 shirt, signed a one-year contract extension with the Canterbury Crusaders and New Zealand Rugby last week.

"I want to experience another culture with my family," the playmaker told the newspaper.

"That's definitely what I'm thinking. Another reason for the one-year sign on with NZ Rugby was allowing myself to have a look at opportunities overseas and seeing what somewhere like Japan has to offer ..."

Among the things Japan has to offer is salaries for rugby players that far outstrip those in New Zealand and Mo'unga would make himself even more attractive to Japanese clubs if he agreed to sign up for longer than the usual six months to a year.

"We're looking more likely for two years," Mo'unga added. "I want to show the possible clubs I'm going to that I'm not just there for one year and then leave.

"I want to build something, take a team and work on a few things. I'm willing to invest more than the one year and hopefully build on that season."

Mo'unga is aware that if he does move to Japan for a lengthy period he would be ineligible to represent New Zealand during that time.

The father of two understands, however, that a rugby player has a limited window to earn what can be life-transforming sums of money.

"With little ones it's a huge change in perspective," he said.

"I'm doing this for the opportunity to support my family for a long time even after I'm finished playing.

"That's definitely a factor in how long I want to stay over there - how the family settles and what the balance is like and if I'm enjoying the footy."