Liverpool finally lose, but was it down to a 10-year-old Man United fan's letter?

Stop the presses: Liverpool have lost. The Reds' unbeaten streak ended at 44 games, after a frankly humiliating 3-0 defeat to relegation-threatened Watford on Saturday night.

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Liverpool's unbeaten streak measured 422 days to become the second longest in English top-flight history. They were also the second team to go unbeaten in the first 27 games of a season. But amid all the plaudits, one thing became clear: a 10-year-old Manchester United fan's letter was to blame/thank for their defeat.

Daragh Curley from County Donegal in Northern Ireland wrote to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp last week as part of a school assignment. He politely informed the German that his table-topping side were making him sad because they are "winning too many games" on the way to what looks to be an inevitable title win.

Klopp responded, and since then, Liverpool have lost 1-0 to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and now 3-0 to Watford. You can't make it up.

Daragh's dad, Gordon, told the Donegal Daily: "[Daragh] had a little jump of joy every time Watford scored, alight."

And he wasn't alone. Manchester United legend Gary Neville has never hidden his distaste for Liverpool, so he rather aptly summed up the feelings of every Premier League fan not affiliated to the Anfield club in a tweet.

Of course, Arsenal were the big winners as they got to maintain their "Invincibles" record of going a whole season unbeaten -- and they were pretty pleased.

The rest of social media also seemed to enjoy the result, with RB Leipzig dropping in to use a cheeky image of Liverpool target Timo Werner for their reaction.

Beware, though. Klopp said after the game: "Now we can play free football again and don't have to try to get a record. We just have to try to win football games again, and that's what we will do."

Countdown to the next unbeaten streak starts now ... time to start writing another letter, Daragh.