Soccer skits: The Simpsons, Monty Python and more poke fun at the beautiful game

The world loves its football, we know that. But let's face it, the beautiful game makes for fertile ground to poke a little fun at, too: the supporters, the lingo, the celebrations, the -- ahem -- goalless draws.

All of which got us thinking about some of the best videos out there that have had a go at football in a variety of hilarious ways.

From "The Simpsons" to Monty Python, "The Office" to "Peep Show," a whole slew of comedy shows have taken a swipe at the sport down the years.

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'The Simpsons'

The inspiration for this list, the crew from Springfield turns out en masse as "The Simpsons" take on the peculiarities of the game in a way only they can.

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The philosophy

This collection wouldn't be complete without a bit from legendary British comedy show "Monty Python's Flying Circus." Greece take on Germany in this match where the prowess of the XIs is more cerebral than athletic.

The penalty shootout

The shootout can be a thrilling or horrible way to end a match. The creators of American sketch comedy show "Studio C" made it a little bit of both in this skit -- especially for one goalkeeper.

The commentary

"That Mitchell and Webb Look" takes a hilarious swipe on the hype train we hear around the world every weekend in the aptly named "Football, football, football."

The supporters

We are passionate about our sport, and none more so than Vinnie Jones in his cameo as a Manchester United fan in the 2004 movie "EuroTrip" (Warning: Jones' role as the ringleader of a hooligan crew comes complete with some strong language).

The office chat

For those who play, or in this case those who don't, it can be tempting to exaggerate one's own ability. Over to you, Jim from "The Office."

The lingo

If you don't speak football, it can be a pretty daunting game to talk shop about with devotees. Some might even recommend a website to teach you the language of the game, like Moss from "The IT Crowd."

The celebrations

Celebrations run the gamut in football, but the knee slide is clearly the go-to. And in this recent commercial, it just kept going on and on and on.

The new guy

There's always one at the weekend five-a-side who probably shouldn't be, but few ever looked out of their depth more than the hapless Mark Corrigan in "Peep Show."