Liverpool face missing Premier League trophy presentation: Here's how others celebrated in odd ways

Sadly for Liverpool and their fans, there is a chance that they may not be able to celebrate their imminent Premier League title victory in customary fashion with a public trophy presentation.

Even if the Reds go on to clinch their first championship in 30 years if and when the season is resumed, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has admitted that he may not be able to sanction a traditional trophy presentation due to concerns over the social distancing logistics required.

"If at all possible, yes [we want a trophy presentation]," Masters told reporters on a conference call Monday. "We would like to have a trophy presentation to give the players and staff the moment they have worked so hard for. We would try to do it unless it wasn't possible because of safety concerns."

That means James Milner will not be able to share a victory Ribena, or even an exotic lime and lemonade, with his teammates despite the momentous nature of the title.

Here we take a look at several other odd ways in which teams and players have celebrated some of the biggest achievements of their professional careers, either with or without the trophy they had officially won.

Emmanuel Denis played pingpong

Spare a thought for poor Club Brugge striker Emmanuel Denis, who recently found out that he'd won the Belgian league title in the most underwhelming of ways.

The Nigeria international was playing table tennis with a friend when he heard his phone go off. After checking the alert, Emmanuel discovered that the 2019-20 season had been cancelled outright and that Brugge had been officially declared Jupiler League champions.

"I was at my friends', we were playing pingpong," he told Sky Sports News. "I saw somebody tagged me in something and I went to look, I said to my friend, 'go and check,' and he said 'yeah, you're champions, congratulations.'

"It's a strange way [to win], but that's life."

Vincent Kompany watched at Nana's house

Vincent Kompany took a distinctly low-key approach to celebrating Manchester City's 2017-18 league title win, doing so while watching the decisive match at his wife's grandmother's house.

The City captain sat on the sofa and watched Manchester United suffer a shock defeat against West Bromwich Albion that confirmed his side as champions.

Kompany did manage to muster a proper title celebration later on as he marked proceedings with a rousing -- and a little sweary -- speech at a local pub.

Meanwhile, coach Pep Guardiola was totally oblivious as he was out playing golf.

Jamie Vardy had a party

It still seems like something from a dream but we're assured that Leicester City did actually win the Premier League title in 2016 and history has since recorded it as fact.

As the yarn goes, the Foxes were 5000/1 to win the league at the start of the season. By the end of it, they were all falling about on Jamie Vardy's living room floor in a state of pure disbelief after watching Tottenham draw 2-2 at Chelsea.

The festivities lasted for several days and included club captain Wes Morgan turning up in a city centre pub later that week and buying a Β£140 round of Jaegerbombs for everybody there.

Alan Shearer creosoted his fence

In his pomp, Alan Shearer was a formidable force on the pitch -- and fairly drab off it.

After scoring a vast number of goals to propel Blackburn Rovers to the Premier League title in 1995, Shearer was asked how he celebrated the remarkable accomplishment.

The 34-goal striker revealed that he spent the morning after helping his father-in-law creosote a fence. Rock, and indeed, roll.

Leeds United had a (quite awkward) party

The year was 1992, and Leeds United knew that they'd be crowned First Division champions if Manchester United failed to win against Liverpool in the late kick-off.

So several members of the team -- Lee Chapman, Eric Cantona, David Batty and Gary McAllister -- all gathered on Chapman's sofa to watch the story unfold.

The championship was celebrated with a couple of modest flutes of champagne, a mug of tea for Batty and some good old fashioned awkwardness between four chaps forced into close proximity by undersized furniture.

Lee Dixon left the party

Lee Dixon won four league titles during his Arsenal career and it's perhaps just as well, seeing as he made a complete hash of celebrating the first in 1989.

The Gunners had just secured their first league title in 18 years with a shock 2-0 win against title rivals Liverpool in the last game of the season, courtesy of Michael Thomas' stoppage-time goal. However, Dixon was forced to miss out on the wild celebrations after deciding to attend a family get-together instead of partying the night away with his teammates.

"There was only one player who didn't get off the bus [back from Anfield] and that was me," he lamented on the "Quickly Kevin" podcast. "I didn't go on the night out as I had to go to a surprise party for my uncle.

"So after the game, I'm in the dressing room and my brother's waiting for me outside in the car. I had already drunk a whole bottle of champagne and I was weighing it up [whether to snub the party]. Five minutes later -- there I stood, waving the lads off as they go off back to London for a victory lock-in at the pub with everybody, all the fans.

"Do I regret it? Oh, massively!"

Thankfully, he was soon afforded not one, but three more chances to celebrate properly.

Martin Peters had a cup of tea

Martin Peters was the so-called "ultimate gentleman" of England's 1966 World Cup squad, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that, having just won (and scored in) the final, he eschewed any and all lavish champagne receptions.

Instead the midfielder -- who died at the age of 79 in December -- chose to leave his teammates and return to his hotel, where he enjoyed a nice, quiet cup of tea with his wife, Kathleen.