Jesse Lingard on MTV Cribs: Eight things we learned

A brand new series of MTV Cribs is set to air this week with well-known players showing off their humble abodes as part of a "Footballers Stay Home" edition.

The programme is designed to give viewers an insight into footballers' homes and how they are coping while attempting to keep fit and stave off boredom during lockdown.

Jesse Lingard is just one of the star names offering a guided look around his house and garden, along with the likes of Axel Witsel and David Luiz.

Indeed, the Manchester United forward's episode kicking off the series when it airs on Tuesday, June 1 on MTV UK.

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Here's a few of the more important things we've learned from watching the preview for Lingard's VIP crib tour.

1. Either Lingard's front door is very, very large or he is very, very small.

2. Given the size of his framed United kit, we must conclude that Jesse is indeed very small after all.

3. Lingard does not descend the stairs in the normal way.

4. Although it's admittedly yet to be used, Jesse is very proud of his "mean" barbecue and quite rightly -- it's a beauty!

5. Even when scoring tap-ins in his back garden while wearing slippers, Lingard loves to celebrate with his trademark hand signal.

6. The true epitome of luxury, Lingard has a mirror that is made of mirrors.

7. He is also proud of owner of what might be either the best or worst denim jacket we've ever laid eyes on.

8. It's nice to know Jesse keeps his underwear in a special glass cabinet, on display right next to his prized England caps.

With almost all football across the globe still postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, star players have found themselves at a loose end.

While most have now returned to the training ground, they still have plenty of time on their hands.

ESPN will be keeping a daily eye on what the world's best are up to, as well as how clubs are keeping busy by battling in online competitions against each other.

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Just missing the hat! 😂👨🏼‍🌾

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