200,000 sign petition calling for bank holiday if England win World Cup

Ballsupski: The boys are back together again (4:39)

It's the second semi-final of the World Cup and The Exploding Heads put their differences aside for the good of England. (4:39)

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Monday after the World Cup final to be made a national bank holiday if England win the tournament.

Gareth Southgate's side face Croatia on Wednesday, with the winners taking on France in the final on July 15.

The number of signatories to the petition, on the UK government and Parliament website, means it will be considered for debate in the House of Commons.

It says: "We need this for all those supporting England, as the next day will not be pleasant for all fans."

However, the fact that the process of debating a petition and then turning it into law is a lengthy one means the likeliest way for a bank holiday to take place is if Prime Minister Theresa May declares one.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, said there would be "a lot of happiness around" if England won and a bank holiday would be a "celebration of sport for all."