Messi row after Argentina World Cup clash sparked threats - Bolivia physio

Bolivia's Argentinian physio has said he has received threats and insults following a heated exchange with Lionel Messi after Tuesday's World Cup qualifier.

Messi got into an argument with Bolivia captain Marcelo Martins Moreno at the end of Argentina's 2-1 win over Bolivia in their clash in La Paz which saw the two players booked by the referee.

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The Barcelona star got angry and also insulted physio Lucas Nava.

"There was probably a misunderstanding," Nava said. "The truth is that nothing happened, it's more what was created around us.

"There are normal insults that any Argentinian uses, there was no bad intention. What happened was that the game finished, I saw that there could be a possible brawl and I tried to separate our players so that they wouldn't be sent off.

"When you are part of your team you need to defend them. It hurt me that my son had to listen on TV that this and that about the bald [man]. I have had calls from everywhere, even from Spain. I've received insults and threats."

Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero, who missed the encounter with a knee injury, even commented on Instagram about the incident telling Messi to give Nava "a slap on his bald head."

"I found Aguero's publication hilarious," Nava said. "I take the memes with humour as it's part of the football folklore."

Nava also said he is a huge fan of the Argentina captain, adding: "As a supporter of the [Argentina] national team, there's no one bigger than him. He is No. 1. My son's middle name is Lionel because of him."