Premier League reranked: Man United plummet, Spurs rise

You have our permission: You're finally allowed to start telling everyone your opinions about the Premier League.

Who are we kidding? That hasn't stopped you -- and it hasn't stopped us. However, the 10-game mark is right around here, and it's traditionally when teams start to look like we might expect them to look for the rest of the season. Analytically, the data profiles of each club start to become a little more predictive of future performance after 10 games, too.

While things like penalties, red cards and schedules still haven't totally evened out at this point -- Liverpool already have four red cards, Arsenal already have been awarded six penalties, the rest of the league is averaging one of each -- the distribution is much more equal than it was the last time we did this ranking. So, 10 games into the Premier League season, we're doing it again.

Ryan O'Hanlon and Bill Connelly have each ranked all 20 sides, 1-20, and then combined their rankings to produce one master ranking. The criteria? Who we think would win a match if any of these teams played each other on a neutral field in the near future. The updated rankings are below, followed by some analysis of the most notable changes (or non-changes) from the previous edition of the rankings.