Frosinone, Hellas Verona reject claims by Palermo chief Zamparini

Frosinone and Hellas Verona have reacted "with disdain" to the accusations made by Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini that Hellas had let their guests win their relegation battle at the weekend.

Alessandro Frara's stoppage-time winner earned Frosinone all three points at the Stadio Bentegodi and took them two points ahead of Palermo, who were beaten 4-0 by Juventus. With five games of the season remaining, the Sicilians are now three points adrift of safety, but Zamparini claims Frosinone's second goal in a 2-1 win had been staged.

The defeat left Hellas six points behind Palermo and on the brink of relegation.

"For Frosinone's goal, the Hellas players just turned and looked the other way," Zamparini told Radio Gr Parlamento. "Does that mean I doubt Hellas' honesty? I think I've said enough. Just look at the game yourself. I know [Frosinone] president [Maurizio] Stirpe will get offended, but what I say is that if we have television evidence, it should be used in situations like this. Hellas practically stepped aside."

Stirpe did indeed take offence from Zamparini's words, releasing a statement on his club's website criticising his Palermo counterpart.

"In light of today's remarks made by Zamparini, during a nationwide radio broadcast, Frosinone strictly reject with disdain what was said, defining it offensive to the whole world of football and to the credibility of the game," read the statement.

"Remarks such as these, particularly in the moment in which they have been said, gratuitously feed suspicion and cast a shadow over Italian football that those who work in it do not deserve. Frosinone and their president say no to any kind of inference and manipulation of on-field results, which are uniquely the result of the serious hard work and efforts on a daily basis.

"We would advise Mr Zamparini, should he be in possession of any proof to support his remarks, to take these to those responsible for sporting justice, in line with the recommendations of the state prosecutors."

Hellas have also responded to Zamparini's accusations, saying that their "president Maurizio Setti, in light of the nauseating remarks made by Zamparini, disdain the accusations made by Palermo's owner," and that they "invite him to deal with his club's own internal problems and not divert attention away from those, thus ensuring no energy is wasted on sterile controversies."

Palermo, who have made nine managerial changes already this season, host Atalanta on Wednesday night, while Frosinone head to Chievo. Carpi, who have a superior head-to-head record to the Sicilians, in addition to being three points ahead of them, are guests at AC Milan on Thursday.

Frosinone then host Palermo on Sunday in a crucial fixture for both sides in their battle to avoid relegation.