Ebanks epitomizes players with volatile stock

For the last decade we've gone about building our Top 100 by surveying NBA scouts and executives on their take on the top prospects in the world.

Generally there is consensus among NBA folks. For example, this year scouts were unanimous in picking John Wall as the No. 1 prospect and players like Derrick Favors as a top-five pick.

However, there are always a handful of players that NBA sources vehemently disagree about. Some scouts have a player ranked in the lottery. Others have them as a late first-rounder. A few peg the same prospect as a second-round pick. Last year, no one stirred more disagreement than Brandon Jennings on our draft board. NBA executives and scouts were all over the place on him.

Who are the players with the most volatile draft stock this year? Here's a look at seven prospects who have draft stocks ranging from the lottery to the second round.

Devin Ebanks, F, West Virginia

Ebanks is a long, athletic forward who was wildly inconsistent his freshman year at West Virginia. Some nights he was a double-double machine and on other nights he barely showed up. Everyone loves his size and athleticism. His offensive skills have been the biggest question. He struggled to create offense for himself last season and was just 5-for-40 from 3-point range. A DNP in West Virginia's opener has also raised eyebrows. Coach Bob Huggins said Ebanks left the team for "personal" issues and refused to say when he'd be returning. If he returns quickly and plays to his potential, he'll be a top pick.

High Point: Top 10
Low Point: Late first round.