Vivas leaves Quilmes after attacking fan

Former Arsenal defender Nelson Vivas has left his position as Quilmes coach after attacking a supporter following Friday’s 1-1 draw with Atletico Rafaela.

Vivas was filmed attacking the man, named only as Carlos, after the supporter had harangued him during the match.

Carlos told radio station FM Sur that he had accused the coach of allowing the officials to take the game away from Quilmes, shouting: “Chango [Vivas], they are robbing us and you do nothing.”

However, he said Vivas was a Quilmes fan and should continue in his role, adding in an interview with La Red: “I have to take my share of the blame because I should have kept my mouth shut. I’m not going to make any complaint. I have to apologise because it was a heated moment.”

Vivas remained in charge in the immediate aftermath, and even led training on Monday morning, but was then reported to have tendered his resignation, which was accepted by the board of directors.

Club president Anibal Fernandez told La Red: “He came to see me and is aware he messed up. He knows this is an uncomfortable situation -- we are all committed to ending this subject of violence and we cannot commit errors of this sort.”

Fernandez said the decision was made after the board had discussed the matter, adding: “You have to keep a cool head with these things and not make decisions without consultation.”

Vivas was vague as to whether he had resigned or been sacked, telling reporters: “The president called me to his office and the story was finished.”

He also claimed the fan had severely provoked him during the match.

“This person said all the most offensive things that can be said,” the 44-year-old claimed. “He asked me to wait for him after the game. I went and he tried to attack me.”

Fernandez, though, did not believe there was any justification for the incident.

“Sometimes the other person plays a big part in the conflict, but their actions are not right and do not deserve that response,” the president said. “Professionals like Vivas can’t allow themselves to get mad about these things. He must show courage and keep control of the situation. What happened was crazy.”

He added: "For a coach, or a politician, or a policeman, this abuse is part of the job. If we are going to 'take out the chain' each time they abuse us, that is not keeping your composure.”

Quilmes are 16th in the 20-team Primera Division after 12 games.